Thursday, June 26, 2008

My self-engineered doom approaches

Worldwide Adventure Writing Month '08 is next month. I'm still working on little things like getting a website up and running and a new logo, but don't let that stop anyone from getting started on writing their adventure.

Content here might be sparse for the next 30 days, but please feel free to check out the WoAdWriMo blog. And if the WoAdWriMo scene isn't lighting your jets, then maybe try some new blog on my blogroll. Max over at malevolent & benign has been doing some excellent work lately with both Encounter Critical and the Rules Cyclopedia.


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Good luck with the running. I've been getting back into doing it myself after a few years away from pounding the pavement. Nothing for clearing the head like a nice run in the evening.

  2. That only leaves the question of what system to write for. I suppose I could try and write something systemless but I'm not sure if I've quite got the experience. Anyhow sounds like fun and I'll give it a try...

    ... It shall begin with a dead clown.