Monday, June 02, 2008

A Good Day To Be A Mutant

2 great new items for fans of gonzo post-apocalyptic games.

  • Mutant Future takes the Moldvay D&D Basic mechanics retro-cloned in Labyrinth Lord and makes a new post-apoc game with them. Thundarrific!
  • The creepily named Darth Cestual has reworked the random mutation charts from Tweet's Omega World (probably my favoritest thing ever published by Paizo) to make Microlite20 mutations.


  1. I downloaded and skimmed through Mutant Future, and it looks bloody brilliant. Kudos to the designers, and I hope to break this bad boy out and roll up some mutants at the first opportunity. Thanks for the heads up on this one!

  2. Glad you found us on the M20 forums, Jeff.
    I run by the sn Blackheart there and a few other places.

    Darth Cestual has contributed heaps to that community, most notably his art. You can find his other stuff by Googling up "Yoda, Jedi Padawan" which is a webcomic of his, and his work is also featured in the Cartoon Action Hour RPG.