Thursday, June 12, 2008


I consider Erol Otus to be the best thing that ever happened to TSR's art department, but several others are worthy of mention. Like Roslof. Dig these images from the old AD&D Monster Cards:

These guys must shop at the same loincloth retailer.Here are two of the wimpiest monsters in the game, a goblin and a kobold, and Roslof does a great job making them scary. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's the best kobold I've ever seen. The grin, the scales, the claws, the eyes! And I love Roslof's use of color to give weapons and armor a sheen.


  1. Oh, shit - I had those cards! Now you're gonna make me go on eBay to try and sate the nostalgia worm burrowing into my brain.

  2. Eh.

    I love EO's stuff, and I vaguely remember these... but they don't do much for me.

    Now, Trampier, on the other hand...

  3. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I like roslof his stuff in the D&DG is great (all those goddesses!). Willingham also did some nice work. He's still involved in comics but on the writing side of things unfortunately. I've flipped through books with his name on them but the art is just sort of genric superhero.

  4. Roslof happens to be the person responsible for my favorite piece of D&D art ever...the full-page Thor vs. the Dragon in D&DG/L&L.

    I've always dug the art of Otus, Roslof, Willingham, and Dee from the older books.

  5. I love a lot of Roslof's art, but I find an equal amount of it just...meh. It's hit or miss with his stuff (understandable, as it's hard to be inspired for everything you are asked to churn out).

    I do think he is one of the most unappreciated of those older D&D artists. Roslof's work grows on you.

  6. Huh. He did that Thor pic? That was pretty awesome. Still not a big fan of these, though.

  7. That kobold really does rock. That's pretty much how I've always envisioned them.

  8. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Roslof also did most, if not all, the artwork for the old Dungeon! boardgame, including the board itself. Back in 1981 this was my gateway to AD&D and made a big impression.

  9. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Those are really neat pieces. I've always had an affection for D&D art from the past and how well guys like Otus and Willingham especially douse my imagination with gas and set it on fire.

    Any chance in the future for some Willingham love? :)

  10. Any chance in the future for some Willingham love?

    Oh, yeah. I'll dig some stuff up.

  11. Do you happen to know if the 80's D&D comic book ads were Willingham? Some of the stuff looks like it's him, some like it's someone trying to do Willingham.

    Man, it makes me sad that he isn't drawing more.

  12. a Kobold ey, could pass for a Goblin sub-species.

    Excelent artwork, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    The new 4th ed. art is all glossy like a comicbook, and I find it hard to believe.

    This old style of work seems to come from an 1800's naturalist trying to convey actual observations from an encounter of such creatures.