Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Why on earth are you starting at 4:30 in the morning?"

I get up about 4:30 in the morning most days anyway.  This goes back to growing up on a farm: at some point as an adolescent I started getting up at O-dark-thirty with my dad.  We wouldn't say much.  He'd sip coffee and read the morning paper, I'd eat some cereal and do my homework.  Nowadays it gives me a couple hours before the rest of the family is up for quiet reading, knocking about the internet and simple utterly selfish solitude.  A vast number of the posts on this blog were drafted out before 6 in the morning.

Along with already being up anyway, the practical advantages are twofold on my end.  I can borrow my wife's kickass MacBook without inconveniencing her and I don't have to worry about my daughter's needs, since she's asleep. 

But I like the suggestion that I'm selflessly sacrificing my morning to run games for folks thousands of miles away in the spirit of international gamer brotherhood.  So if asked again maybe I'll go with that.

Anyhoo, don't expect any game to go longer than 2 hours.  At 6:45 I need to be in the shower or the rest of my morning schedule will be shot to hell.


  1. If only more people in the US timezones would follow your lead I'd be able to join their games during my breaks from work!

    Can't say I could see myself running a decent game at 4:30am.

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    4.30 am! That's when I go to bed! However, as it is Pacific time I will be up at that time if you are in the eastern or central timezones...

  3. What you don't say is that you are in beddy byes at 7pm each night.

    Ha ha Jeff Rients is in Bed at 7pm every night.

    What a big babyo, babyo! Ha Ha Ha ha ha! Oh dear!

    Then again maybe Jeff Rients is the mature one getting a good nights kip and everyone else is the big babyo, who knows? Most vexing. What a conundrum. Is Jeff a babyo or is everyone elso a big babyo?

    Only Scoobedoobedooo knows.

  4. I appreciate the explanation, Jeff. I was rather curious myself. I'm in a really busy period of my work life right now, but when it calms down, if you are still doing this, me getting up to game for 2 hours at 5:30 am is very doable (I'm on the east coast).

    I do wonder when you go to bed. I'd love to get up early, but I have a hell of a time getting into bed before 11:00 on most nights.

  5. @Kent - I can verify that at least one night per week, the cat is up late, slinging dice.

  6. Anonymous11:11 PM

    4:30-awakener here. No backstory like yours, I'd always wake up early as a child and it got earlier and earlier and I just like having time to myself when no one else is up.

  7. Do you intend to start all these games at 4:30 am? (from one who stays up too late in the e.t.z.)

  8. I assumed that was a typo! Now I can work out when that is EU time and maybe join a game. Fantastic.

  9. Jeff, in the off chance I can get in on one of your games in the future, would you be willing to allow this for class generation?

    Been keen on trying it since I first seen it a couple years ago.

  10. Kent: You never fail to say something interesting. I get 6 or 7 hours of sleep most nights. Whether that makes me a babyo(?) I'll leave to you.

    Chris: This thing I'm proposing with the Caves of Myrddin is meant to be a regular game, so yeah. I might run at other times when I have a day off.

    Smackchow: If you roll your stats and then take the first class it produces thereafter that you qualify for, sure.

  11. Fair enough. Thanks for answering my question. I didn't expect to see it as the title of a post, though--what prestige! :)