Friday, August 26, 2011

an Encounter Critical treasure chart (d20)

This was made for an EC session where the players didn't find either location that had a pile of treasure.

1. Scratch Off Ticket for the the Cosmic Lotto (roll 3d8, if you get triples win 10,000 GC)
2. Klengon to Succubese phrasebook
3. Monofilament Yo-Yo (if played with roll Dex or less on d100 or lose random limb/head)
4. Cool Shades of Protection (75% vs. gaze/blinding attacks)
5. Eulg (the opposite of glue, disassembles whatever you smear it on)
6. Coupon good for free small fries at Soylent Burger
7. Shaq-Fu for Dummies (book on tape)
8. Axecalibur, +15% Black Hole Metal Axe, you are rightful king of Space Camelot
9. Freeze dried astronaut food, includes Tang (d6 days worth)
10. Souvenir margarita glass from Wrigley's Pleasure Planet
11. Impervium knuckles (like brass knuckles but +10%)
12. Phasic socks (matching pair, argyle)
13. Slorg egg, almost ready to hatch
14. d6 gold teeth (worth d6 GC each)
15. Box of donuts, d12-1 remaining
16. Platypus skin hat
17. Infrapink goggles (invisible things are visible, but also vice versa)
18. Atomic Zippo
19. class ring for the Green Lantern Academy (no powers)
20. Runeputer, holds d6 spells


  1. If you're going to include Eulg on your treasure list, you're going to need to include Dr. Doofenshmirtz as an NPC.

    Hop to it!

  2. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Cool... my faves are the Eulg and Shaq-Fu for Dummies.

  3. " are rightful king of Space Camelot"

    And so the party left its home planet in search of Space Camelot, guided by the visions imparted by Axecalibur, and was never seen again.

    Clearly this is an opening for the DM to start working in the tables from Stars Without Number.

  4. This one's going in the ol' pdf scrapbook.

  5. Eulg. Oh. My. God. Especially if it's prone to suddenly failing some time after two objects have been eulged apart, so that they fall together again.