Tuesday, August 30, 2011

random non-magical scrolls (d20)

1 - Formula for a random magic potion - following the formula requires at least d6 days, d6 x 100gp, a well-stocked lab (d6 x 1000gp up front) and at least one special ingredient (see original DMG for suggestions)
2 - Partial map of a heretofore unknown island or continent
3 - Recipe for preparing a seven course meal using the components of a single monster (randomly determined) for all dishes
4 - Cipher key for a code used by the Assassin's Guild or some other secret faction
5 - Steamy correspondence revealing the indiscretions of a local lord
6 - Sheet music for a popular folk song adapting it to tablature needed for a three-handed mandolin player
7 - An awesome list of treasure, no location given but marginalia gives a clue as to the identity of the writer of the list
8 - The Tale of the Nymph and the Acolyte, bawdily illustrated
9 - An apocryphal holy text used by an infamous heretical sect
10 - Anatomical diagram showing the weak points in an exotic subspecies of monster (e.g. rock trolls, purple dragons, three-eyed toads), careful study over 2d6 weeks and an Int check will yield a permanent +2 bonus to hit such creatures
11 - Letter from local merchant to another in a far away city establishing a new caravan route and setting  timetable for starting the journey
12 - Plans for the king's castle revealing both the location of the treasury and a secret door in the queen's bedchamber leading to a secret dungeon below
13 - Plans for the Sailing Chariot of Stevenus, a wind-powered land vehicle capable of carrying up to six.  Only really works on windy days across flat plains.
14 - Ten or twelve sentences translated from Common into another random language, with phonetic spelling for the latter.  "Surrender or die!" and "Where's the treasure?" top the list.  33% chance inaccurate
15 - Partial list of the command words and functions of a lesser known artifact
16 - Map of a nearby duchy marking three places as prospects for new gold mines
17 - Ransom note from bandits holding captive the heir of a local lord.
18 - Diagram of the hollow earth showing major access point below nearby city
19 - Seemingly ordinary grocery list except for next to last item, "1 pound elf flesh".
20 - A two column list, monsters in one column and gem types in the other, suggesting some sort of relationship between owlbears and chalcedony, trolls and amber, etc.


  1. Jeff you have a mighty imagination. I hope you're keeping these for a future POD booklet or compendium ;-)

  2. added to my permanent list of tables..

  3. This is excellent.

  4. couldn't have added 10 more and made it a d30?!?!?

    just kidding, nice table, it'll get used in my game.

  5. Brilliant stuff, Jeff, thanks!

  6. Added to houserules.
    verification: stodshil