Thursday, September 01, 2011

I don't need another project...

...but Super Galactic Dreadnought has inspired me.

Fleet Captain - a game where spaceships go BOOM!

Wargames for spaceship miniatures come in two broad types.  The Captain’s Chair type, wherein the basic deal is that you make a bunch of fiddly decisions for your one ship.  You get the joy of being the Kirk, but if you want a Big Damn Battle with a crapload of ships on each side it quickly becomes cumbersome.  The other variety is the Admiral’s Game.  You get to run a squadron or fleet of vessels, but your large number of equally important play pieces causes you to lose that Kirkishness in the abstraction.  Star Fleet Battles is the premier example of the Captain’s Chair game, while examples of Admiralty games abound. I'm particularly fond of Starmada and Full Thrust.

Fleet Captain is an attempt to hybridize the two types of spaceship games.  The conceit is that each player sits in the captain’s chair of one key vessel in their fleet.  They have wide latitude over this flagship.  The ships comprising the remainder of their fleet are theirs to control, but the commanders of those vessels can react to the directions of their Fleet Captain only on a limited basis.  In fact, it will generally be assumed that the other command officers in the player's fleet are significantly less competent than the Fleet Captain, who must shepherd the stupid gits across the battlefield.