Thursday, September 08, 2011

quick follow-up: my game + 4e + One Ring

Despite my best intentions I cannot report back any useful intelligence regarding the other two fantasy role-playing games at the Armored Gopher last night.  I just didn't have any personal energy to devote to paying attention to the other tables.  My own resources were more than sufficiently occupied because the cold I've been fighting seemed to flair back up plus I had seven players show up wanting to make new characters and explore the Caves of Myrddin.  Regular players Carl, Nick, Dane, Wheels and Lewis were joined by Tom Trumpinski (a long time feature of the local scene) and Chris Tichenor, known on some old school message boards as the Rogue Attorney.

The party consisted of a cleric, a thief, a dwarf, an elf and three fighters, if I recall correctly.  They entered the Big Cave, as did last week's online group.  They found evidence of the first group's mayhem and also located some treasure they missed.  There was a desperate fight with some giant beetles and a distant Mysterious Clucking Sound.  But the big event of the night was a run in with Joe Mama, the psycho-killer giant.  Joe sliced Nick's character clean in half with his giant-sized chainsaw.  The party dropped Joe through use of the Big Purple d30 Rule to overpower a couple of attacks (the final strike was a 24 point slingstone, David and Goliath style).  The survivors then located Joe's bag o' gold, which they split up into sacks and packs to carry out.  When they returned to the room where they "killed" Joe, he was gone, along with his chainsaw and hockey mask.  So he's still on the loose, only now he's pissed off.

The party returned to Abbey of St. Emmet with more than enough gold to do a little carousing, which 3 players opted to roll for.  Dane blew his carousing roll and ended up making a pass at a sultry peasant witch, who turned him into a pig for his trouble.  But Dane turned it around and apologized to her, using his d30 roll for the evening on the NPC Reaction chart.  The chart goes from 2 to 12, high being a more favorable reaction.  With the d30 in use, Dane got a result of something over 20.  So the witch turned the silver-tongued devil back into a man, because now she is totally smitten with his scoundrel ways.  So now I need to come up with a witch NPC.

Good times.