Friday, September 09, 2011

3rd Expedition to the Caves of Myrddin

All the adventurers mooching off the hospitality of the monks of St. Emmet's and not actually getting around to much adventure get a rude wake-up call this morning.  Just two days after one party steals Joe Mama's sack of gold, a new group returns with thousands and thousands of gold pieces worth of gems and jewels.

This illo of Hugo le Bâtard by Jeremy
totally nails the spirit of the campaign.

Today's players were Anthony, Jeremy, John and Zak, playing Rando the Halfling (a Halfling Stew survivor), Hugo le Bâtard, Father Nicholas and Blixa the Thief.  Blixa is a survivor from previous FLAILSNAILS adventures with three levels of thievery under his belt.  He also has a pet war poodle and enough gold to try a roll on my draft henchmen chart.  Poor fellow spent 500 gold and ended up with a Hopeless Loser.  The Loser in question never made it back to the Abbey, taking a lethal pounding from the mysterious and deucedly hard to kill Yelling Naked Tarbaby Dude.  That's a Hopeless Loser's main job, to take a hit that would otherwise kill a character we actually care about.  He also handled some stirge guano that was part of a Clever Plan.  It's nice to have underlings in those situations.

Since three of them blow a big portion of their share on carousing, they will inevitably let slip details of their adventure this morning.  Fearing the wrath of Joe Mama and suspecting the best treasure has already been found, today's group eschewed the Big Cave and tried the Small Cave instead.  In addition to the stirges and the Yelling Naked Tarbaby Dude, they fought some gigantic fiddler crabs and parlayed with some gnome adventurers.  The gnomes were travellers from some far off realm, who arrived via a strange teleporter machine located in an underwater dungeon.  They arrived at a similar device located in the cave.  Giant fiddler crabs killed half their party before the PCs showed up.  Yelling Naked Tarbaby Dude killed another, while the last gnome was accidentally doused in flaming oil.  Hugo was nearly killed by the Yelling Naked Tarbaby Dude after getting his hand stuck inside its stomach, but another PC and the Loser (who was naked as well at this point, don't ask) managed to extricate him.  Hugo was later revived with a skin of wine.

Another great session of dungeon shenanigans.  The party made good use of terrain, oil and missile weapons to keep the number of melees to a minimum.  Which is a good idea when dealing with blood-sucking bird-bats and crabs with pincers big enough to decapitate a man.