Friday, August 26, 2011

Caves of Myrrdin visual aid

See the three dark openings in the cliffside, down near the water?  Those are the dungeon entrances, folks.  The cave on the right in this picture we'll call the Big Cave.  The one in the center is the Small Cave.  For our purposes we'll assume it's a bit less than 10' wide once you get inside.  And the one on the left is the Wet Cave.  Twice a day water pours into that cave at high tide.

Those ruins up above the cave are what's left of Castle Dundagel.  I'm not quite ready for explorers up there, but I'm working on it.  The remnants of four round towers up there might be worth checking out.

Monday morning I'll email the first 4 brave souls to visit the Caves.  First run will be next Friday.


  1. Jeff, that is an amazing image, and makes me extra sad that I enjoy sleeping during the time you will be running the game.

    You can feel the rising tide lapping at your heels in the dark even now...

  2. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Cool place. I saved a bunch of images of this and other locations around there when someone on a forum suggested Cornwall would be a good region to use as a model for the Portown "setting" from Holmes D&D. This spot in particular is reminiscent of the Zenopus tower dungeon area with the sea caves nearby.

  3. Awesome! A very evocative location.

    My favorite British caves (and the only ones I've been to) are the Wookey Hole caves. Yes, really.

  4. @ Anonymous: more will eventually be published about Portown.


  5. 4 round towers? It's the Haunted Keep! Though it looks like there might be a structure in the middle too - could there be Elemental Evil afoot near the caves?

  6. Nice picture! I think that I've been there. Northern Ireland?

  7. Ah right, thanks. (It looks similar to a cove near the Giant's Causeway in NI.)