Friday, August 26, 2011

Caves of Myrrdin visual aid

See the three dark openings in the cliffside, down near the water?  Those are the dungeon entrances, folks.  The cave on the right in this picture we'll call the Big Cave.  The one in the center is the Small Cave.  For our purposes we'll assume it's a bit less than 10' wide once you get inside.  And the one on the left is the Wet Cave.  Twice a day water pours into that cave at high tide.

Those ruins up above the cave are what's left of Castle Dundagel.  I'm not quite ready for explorers up there, but I'm working on it.  The remnants of four round towers up there might be worth checking out.

Monday morning I'll email the first 4 brave souls to visit the Caves.  First run will be next Friday.