Wednesday, August 10, 2011

75% casualties

Zak did slightly better in this morning's DCC game.  He got two PCs out alive. Thanks to Shawn Sanford for running a fun session!


  1. Excellent! My group got out the Free RPG Day adventure a little more than half, although lenience on my part is probably to blame.

  2. One mitigating and one exacerbating factor:

    1) Jeff didn't know his 0-level guys were allowed to have equipment.

    2) Jeff had already played that dungeon before and forgot. (Is that right? Am I getting that right?)

  3. Yeah, it seemed familiar, like maybe I had read it. It wasn't until I looked up Stinky McGee, my surviving PC from GaryCon II that I realized what I had done.

  4. Brought to you by: "You know you play too much D&D when..."