Friday, April 27, 2007

Today, I am King Dork.

At work today I found an orange d10 in my shirt pocket.

I have no idea how it got into the front pocket of one of my work shirts. Finding a die in a jean pocket or T-shirt, I can understand. But it's not like a I play D&D over lunch. I did some wargaming during my lunch hours a few years back. That stopped once the bossman realized my lunch 'hour' had grown to 90 minutes. I tried to explain that keeping the Nazis out of Berlin took longer than an hour, but he wasn't sympathetic to my plight.


  1. Once, my wife and I were at a party and she needed my chapstick. She knew where to get some, too.

    She walked over and reached into my pocket, getting some laughs from the people I was speaking with (and certainly no complaints from me).

    She proceeds to pull out a Dr. Doom Heroclix without it's base. I was King Dork for the evening.

  2. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Its good to be the king!

  3. One time, while at a restaurant with my parents, a cousin and her husband, I found myself unable to decide on which chicken dish I'd like to eat. I counted up the number of options...which were 8.

    I fished out a set of polyhedrals from my pocket, selected the d8, and rolled.

    Molly Brown Chicken. It was good, too.