Friday, April 20, 2007

Frank Mentzer confirms Moldvay's death

Mentzer at Dragonsfoot:
I can now confirm that Tom Moldvay passed away on April 9, 2007 (or thereabouts). Tom had suffered from congestive heart failure and other health problems, but nevertheless maintained his solitary and reclusive habits. He was thus found, by his landlord, after some time had passed. Compounding the misunderstandings here is the fact that Tom was opposed to the industry surrounding funerals and such, and he wished to be simply and quietly cremated.

This was all handled by Coroner's office of the city of Akron, Ohio. The local newspapers have declined to run any obituary notices, possibly respecting Tom's wishes in this regard. Tom had given away most of his game materials to friends, and his few remaining belongings were mostly limited to furnishings, clothing and such. His computer materials are being held by his sister, along with some few other papers.

Please stop any rumors of hoaxes, and forget about eBay or other sales.

I mourn Tom's passing and honor his contributions to the game industry. If someone wants to compile a list of his published works and a biographical obit, I'm sure that those remaining publishers of game periodicals would appreciate the compilation.

The line about eBay sales was due to some discussion as to how Moldvay's papers might be handled.

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