Monday, April 23, 2007

I may need to run a campaign of this stuff...

For the past two days I've been trying to put together four cool pre-gen PCs to use for my Lords of Creation one shot coming up on Sunday. So far I've got the character concepts down, but statting them up to my satisfaction has been elusive. I think part of the problem is that LoC is so clearly designed for ongoing campaign play. PCs aren't meant to be constructed at higher than 1st level, the intent is for them to organically grow towards those lofty heights. Mechanically it is certainly possible to put together a 5th level PC, as I have been trying to do. But the results are a lot less awesome than if those PCs had gone through 4 levels of adventures.

You see a similar problem with starting a D&D 3.x outing at a high level. You end up with a lot of builds that make no sense from a historical perspective. A pre-fab 20th PC might have a +7 ECL race even though no sane player would play such a character at level 1. Thinking back to my last PC, I never would have planned for Osric the Slayer to be a barbarian/warblade/rogue, but the character is much cooler for having grown into that set-up.

So, anyway, part of me wants to run Lords of Creation as an ongoing campaign. I've felt that way for a while, but Tom Moldvay's death really brought that yearning to the fore. The whole point of LoC is to be able to run any kind of adventure set in any place or time. It's really hard to play to that breadth of scope in a single afternoon's outing. Not that I need another ongoing campaign right now. Beyond Vinland is still finding its groove, and I intend to try to ride that game out to 20th level. I'd like to run New Bronze City at some point in the future. And then there's Traveller. If T5 isn't a trainwreck I'd really like to run a campaign of that when it is released.