Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Odinsday Update #1

[I emailed this to the players of my new D&D campaign.]

My plan is to send all you all an email on the Wednesday that we aren't playing, as a way of outlining what is happening between sessions. If you have any master plans to pursue responding to this would be a great way we could keep track of that stuff.

Between forays to the Canyon of Chaos your hardy adventurers are staying at the wilderness keep/hamlet of Lord Beppo Rust-Axe. Lord Beppo is away on business at the moment and the keep is in the hands of his loyal castellan, Sigurd the Half-Jotun. While Beppo is known for being a pretty hospitable guy, his castellan is rather wary of ne'er-do-wells such as ye. You will have to choose between staying for free at the keep but eating, sleeping, and drinking with the lowly guards (the absolute minimal hospitality Sigurd can get away with) or whooping it up at the Traveller's Inn meadhall in the adjacent hamlet. If you choose the meadhall cut your cash on hand in half, but you generally have a better time of it. Let me know which arrangements you prefer before next session begins. You are not required to all choose the same lodgings, but we will start the next run with a little action in town, so you might prefer to stick together.

While staying at the keep you hear four rumors regarding the Caverns:

1) A wizard called Umanno the Summoner is said to reside in one of the upper caves. He hails from Hyboria but is neither Aesir nor Vanir (i.e. not a viking dude).

2) The hobgoblins of the Canyon are a mercenary unit looking for work.

3) Many centuries ago the caves were used as tombs by a prehuman civilization. On certain nights ghosts of these dead not-men still haunt the canyon.

4) "Bree-Yark!" is Goblinish for "We surrender!"