Friday, April 20, 2007

Let's talk about other stuff

  • I haven't talked about chess variants in a long time. If you like variant chess rules (different boards, different pieces, different rules, historical predecessors to modern chess, etc.) then you need to check out The Chess Variants Pages and their all-new adjunct site, The Chess Variants Wiki.
  • Remember Phil Reed's FASERIP project? There's been some delay in completing the project because Mr. Reed has a new day job working for Steve Jackson. While I can totally understand that taking priority, I'm still a little disappointed that Mr. Reed doesn't seem to be sticking to the schedule he outlined to the folks who ponied up his $1000 ransom. Still, I'm told you can download the lastest version of the renamed Four Color system either here or here. FASERIP fans might also be interested in the Guardian OmegaVerse, a supers setting that will be using 4C in future products.
  • A question for the miniatures fans. How much is an unpainted plastic figure worth? The local store has some old 40K gretchins still on the sprue. The asking price is a buck a goblin. Does that sound right?