Monday, April 09, 2007

Cyberkey Switchblade

I hope you all had a happy Easter. My family spent the weekend with my parents. If I had been near my computer my intention was to post this:

In the backup story we also find out that Mussolini was the serpent in Eden.National Lampoon was the first place I ever saw a fake comic cover, and this one is by far my favorite from that venerable publication.

My folks got their grandkids some presents this weekend, as is their wont. My daughter Elizabeth got a Strawberry Shortcake tea party set with like twleve million little pieces. Meanwhile my nephew the ninja got a new Transformer. He loves those things. As a kid I had the Megatron that turned into a Walther P-38 with optional rifle stock, extended barrel, and sniper scope. That was wicked cool. I betcha they don't market that to kids anymore. But I was never into toy cars enough to think that car-based robots were any cooler than any other form of robots.

Anyway, Cameron's new Transformer is called Mudflap. His vehicle form is a crane truck.
You'll poke your eye out kid.See the crane strapped to one of his arms? With a simple push that extends out another 4 inches or so. Then if you insert the cyberkey in the right place, a neon green plastic switchblade swings out! Maybe I'd be a little less freaked out about this toy if Cameron had not invented this swell new game called Here Let Me Hold This Robot Up To Your Eyeball And Flick Out A Knife.