Monday, February 14, 2011

Gem Stones, base 1,000gp value

Black Opal

Black Opal isn't very black, but its background hue is much darker compared to other opals (see below).

Fire Opal


Oriental Amethyst

Also called Violet Sapphire, this gem is much harder than the occidental Amethyst.  A near-colorless version is difficult to distinguish from diamonds.

Oriental Topaz

Also called Yellow Sapphire.  When rubbed or heated the Yellow Topaz can generate an electrical charge.

Star Ruby

Star Sapphire


  1. Maybe it's a rorschach test kind of thing but everytime you post these things I instantly think that at least two of them look like they'd be yummy to eat.

    Seriously, love this series. Helps me visualize precious stones (and thus be able to describe them in real detail at the table when GMing).

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Background research and enjoyment thereof is a hallmark of a really interested player or referee, and I think it helps a lot. I can describe a blacksmith shop or a chandler's without referring to notes or a picture, for example. I just finished reading a book about hewn log house construction and it gave excellent direction for how I would use them in a game. That the game encourages knowledge gathering for its own sake is something pretty special :P

  3. A treasure pile ain't treasure without some big sparkly gems mixed in

  4. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I love this series. Thanks for writing it! I remember my characters insisting that certain gems always go to them simply because they liked the colors (star sapphire!?? That sounds awesome I want one!). Ahh this blog makes me nostalgic.

  5. This is very useful stuff — thanks for sharing it