Sunday, February 20, 2011

draft super-simple Changeling class

Changeling class
XP per level: 3,000
Hit die: d6 d4 if MU/T (see below), otherwise d8
Saving throws: as Dwarf/Halfling

1 unusual facial feature (e.g. pointed ears, long nose)
2 odd hands or feet (claws, hooves)
3 strange hair or skin (unusual color and/or texture)
4 extra body parts (tail, vestigal wings, third eye)
5 noteworthy stature (tall, broad, skinny and/or short)
6 weird voice (preferably something that does not annoy the DM)

class abilities (roll every level, including first)
1-2 fighter & magic-user
3-4 fighter & thief
5-6 magic-user & thief


  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    How does the rolling for class abilities work? Say you roll magic-user & thief at 1st level. When you reach 2nd level, you roll fighter & magic user. Does this mean that you then fight as a 2nd level fighter and cast spells as a 2nd level magic-user? Or do you fight as a 1st level fighter, use thief skills as a 1st level thief, and cast spells as a 2nd-level magic user? Put more simply, do your new abilities replace your old abilities or add to them?

  2. Class abilities stacking was my intention. Your example would play as a F1/T1/Mu2.

  3. interesting. I've been tinkering with using Changeling as a replacement for elf/half-elf archetypes in an upcoming campaign ('cause I hates me some elves). It would probably be more of a simple "reskin" than this, but I found it interesting. thanks.

  4. I really like the roll-for-class thing - neat!

  5. I'm watching the whole of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 with my wife right now, so when I saw "changeling" I thought something COMPLETELY different.

  6. This is so weird and cool at the same time. I've been writing a paper for school concerning folklore and fairy stories and the last thing I wrote about was how changelings and African Ogbanje were similar ... and then I came here to read this. Awesome!