Monday, March 30, 2009


Erol Otus is the game artist that I talk up the most around these parts. But if there's one guy whose drawing style I could personally emulate, that would be Tom Wham.

I am seriously considering a con game based upon Search for the Emperor's Treasure. Turb here would be one of the pre-gens.

Putting a little eye and brow on the blade of a magic sword is just brilliant.

It's hard to hate elves when they look like this.

See how the cyclops is looking down at those two little dots to the right of his foot? Imagine those dots are your PC party.


  1. Tom's selling his handmade games over yonder!

  2. I would so buy a "Learn how to draw the Tom Wham way" book. I've seen this style before though, especially the witch - Broom Hilda!

    Hah! He games at Games Plus! That's the coolest!

  3. Jeff, you got me with this one. I just bought a Best of Dragon Games box set off of ebay, which has the version of the game Tom recommends playing if you can.

    I think it might be just the thing, if simplified a bit, for my precocious 5 year-old...

    @Shook: That's a great link!

    @Chgowiz: Hah, I'd do the same, especially having just picked up two of my all-time favorite Ed Emberly books.

  4. I'm pleased to see that, despite the title, you weren't actually blogging about crappy 80's pop music...

  5. Not sure which I have played more The Search for the Emperor's Treasure or Awful Green Things From Outer Space, at any rate I love both games dearly.

    Definitely post a report if you do a con game on the former. Guessing you will be using one of the basic set of rules?

  6. Yeah, Holmes Basic seems like a good fit off the top of my head. But that just may be because of the Wham illos in the rulebook.

  7. Jeff, the last two chits are Dave Trampier (Tramp/DAT) of Wormy fame.

  8. Thanks for the correction!