Tuesday, March 17, 2009

get it while it's hot

I'm probably just another reverberation in the echo chamber at this point, but in case you don't know Fight On! #4 is out. You will be hard-pressed to find a better value for your gaming buck in terms of sheer amount of usable stuff. Personally, I'm thrilled because my good buddy Pat illustrated a couple of monsters of mine, the Grisly Sphere and Wampler. The Grisly Sphere has got to be the creepiest homebrew critter I've ever made.

The Wampler isn't a very good monster. It's basically an intentionally lame vampire elf. But it has two (slightly) funny stories attached to it.

1) The monster is named after a local politician. When Mr. Wampler ran for office a couple years back the town was plastered with signage asking for you to elect Wampler. In my mind the name Wampler looks like a variant of wampyr a.k.a. vampire. So everytime we'd drive past a Wampler sign I would say to my wife "Beware the Wampler, it stalks in the night!" My first draft of the monster write-up even contained that line, but I eventually cut it for reasons that I don't recall now. (Note that my creation is not political satire in anyway. I don't know the guy from Adam.)

2) Space constraints forced the editor to cut the Wampler from issues #2 and #3. Getting my buddy Pat to draw the creep was a sneaky little plan to make sure Wampy got into issue four. I figured he wouldn't be able to use the illo without the creature. Normally I am incapable of the requisite craftiness required for these sorts of machinations, but this time I was able to actually devise and execute a cunning plan.


  1. The Creepies and Crawlies section is always a highlight! I should make sure to have new monsters in megadungeon lv6...

  2. I was wondering where the name "Wampler" came from. I thought it might've been a more eastern european pronunciation of wampyr.

    It's a good issue.

  3. Okay, so I'm not the only one doing that. :D Except my stuff is often political or social satire. Case in point, a whole lot of Fomalhaut.

  4. "Beware the Wampler, it stalks the night!"

    I hope you said this in a Peter Lorre voice, 'cause that's what I would do.

  5. Still waiting for my print copy, got the .pdf the day it came out. If you have any interest in pre-WotC D&D, Fight On! is more than worth your time.

    I was somewhat surprised to see myself acknowledged in your carousing table section!

    I mean, I certainly appreciate it, but in all honesty... considering the size of my contribution, a credit is overkill.

    Still, I do appreciate it. :) You're a class act, Jeff.

  6. You helped me simplify the system. That's worth a lot to me. And S. John Ross taught me there's always enough credit to go around.

  7. Thanks for helping us get the word out! We depend on the network to do that. Also, glad that we could finally find Wampy a home.

    - Ig