Friday, March 13, 2009

two sci-fi fragments

First up, a screen-cap of a chart I made comparing the temperatures of lifeforms based upon various elements.

The numbers came from Star Hero for HERO System 5th, which is an excellent book if you want your sci-fi game to be based upon present understandings of science. (Or at least the present understandings of science from about five or ten years ago.) The FUDGE column was part of my own attempt to consider a combat system for a FUDGE sci-fi game where your body temperature was used to set your Initiative modifier. It doesn't exactly work, as snails and panthers would both be rated at zero in this plan. But if you compare carbon-based panthers to fluorine-silicon panthers, then my table might actually be useful.

And here's a list drawn from an excellent little pamphlet of old called Understanding Traveller:


1) Generate Characters
2) Practice Combat
3) Build Some Starships
4) Practice Space Combat
5) Generate A Typical Subsector
6) Produce A Single World
7) Try Trade and Commerce
8) Generate Other Characters
9) Create A Mercenary Unit
10) Build Large Starships
11) Check Out Psionics
12) Fight More Starship Battles
13) Think Up Some Situations
14) Play Traveller


  1. 15) Avoid Traveller discussion boards

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Thanks for that link to the pamphlet. I just got Mongoose's version of Traveller and it's amazing how entertaining it is to make characters. It makes me especially happy when the character I shoot for initially becomes someone else entirely. I'll have to start trying the other tasks on that list.

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Thanks for the brochure. I'm just getting into Traveller and it might make for some good material to convince others to play.

  4. Anonymous9:59 PM

    I can say with 100% certainty that the Understanding Traveller pamphlet is what started me gaming.

    I picked it up at a hobby shop while looking at plastic model kits and thought the vacc suit drawing looked cool so I took one. I'm pretty sure I asked at the counter to make sure it was free. I used it to convince my dad that I wanted the Traveller Deluxe set for my birthday that year. And I got it.

    I still have that pamphlet. It has a crease mark where I folded it in half to stick it in my back pocket when I biked home.

    Talk about an artifact/relic.