Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Summon Berserk Bigfoot

Bones of Power was an attempt by Bob Liddil to do charts like his d30 books, but for a pair of funky six siders: a white die with a skull & crossbones instead of the number one and a black die with a devil face where the one should be.

I'm not a particular fan of this book. The charts are full of gimmicks whereby a 6 plus a devil face is a different result than a 5 and 2 or a 4 and a 3. That makes my head hurt. With the d30 books I can tell at a glance how likely a crazy ass result will occur.

Here's the page from Bones of Power I like the best. I think a scroll or item that used this summoning system would be a neat little item to drop into a campaign.

Monster Summoning And Control Charts

Monster (2d6)
2. Special, see below.
3. Dragon
4. Griffon
5. Giant Rat
6. Medusa
7. Balrog
8. Troll
9. Bigfoot
10. Zombie
11. Werewolf
12. Flame Wraith

If the devil face is rolled when using this first chart instead of summoning the monster, the character is possessed by the spirit and polymorphed into the monster rolled. On a 2 the character is polymorphed/possessed by the spirit of a powerful chaotic evil barbarian.

Mood Upon Arrival (2d6)
2. Suicidally Aggressive
3. Cooperative
4. Grouchy and Aggressive
5. Amenable
6. Agitated and Aggressive
7. Pliant
8. Hungry
9. Itching for Action
10. Dead Tired
11. Berserk
12. Distracted and/or Bored

Prognosis for Control (2d6)
2. Nonexistent
3. Excellent
4. Poor
4. Great [Yes, there really is 2 entries for number 4.]
5. Only Fair
6. 100%
7. Bloody Unlikely
8. Not Impossible
9. Terrific
10. Likely Bloody
11. Good
12. Difficult at Best

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  1. I actually have this book, and the dice are resident in my big dice bag. Can't say I've ever used them as intended, though.