Monday, March 23, 2009

egotistical self-referential post #2,437

All GMs should also read Jeff Rients "How to Awesome-Up Your Players", I loved Jeff's writing style and his premise that "Your players are rock stars and they're here to rock your house" is a dandy one.

--Daniel Donahoo's Wired review of the Open Game Table: The Anthology of RPG Blogs, volume 1.
Between the Hackmaster forum hate-on, the Chatty DM all but tattooing the article on his chest, and this review I continue to be utterly baffled by the amount of attention that particular post has drawn. Don't get me wrong: It's extremely gratifying that folks are reading the article and having such visceral reactions to it. But it seems like a lot of people take that piece way more seriously than I do.


  1. Oh, don't get me wrong. The content is awful...I just liked some of the random sentences :P

    I hadn't read your blog. Now it is RSS'd.


  2. It's a good post, Jeff. I think I started following your blog when the Hackmaster kerfluffle first brought this very post to my attention. (Geez, 2006? I guess I've been reading this blog for longer than I realized).

    Anyway, like I was saying -- liked it when I first read it, still like it.

    It's a job well done. Just go ahead and own it!


  3. If that was with one of the leftover Mello Yellos, I recall leaving an Energy Drink...

  4. How 'bout a link to the Hackmaster hate-fest? I so rarely dip into any forums nowadays, it might be worth the amusement value.

  5. Joseph:

    Intruder_W: Yeah, I told my wife I was saving that for when I got writer's block with a looming deadline.

  6. Well when I posted in the thread on the Kenerco Forums I was trolling 3.5ers for amuesment, Your article just happened to give me a focal point =P. So all the hate type crap from my end was just me being a dick in general nothing personal. The rest of your blog is pretty rocking, you really should see if Jolly wants to put any articles in KODT. They pay good cash for good articles.

  7. Anonymous10:33 PM

    That sword would cost 250k now if Doug tried this crap at my table. Also, I would have some NPCs totally raid his "Celebration PArty" and steal all his loot so he couldn't pay for it and be thrown in jail.

  8. Your article just happened to give me a focal point =P. So all the hate type crap from my end was just me being a dick in general nothing personal.

    Don't sweat it, boogs. I got no beef.

  9. i actually took the first suggestion to heart last night in my game. This is a storytelling, event & encounter based game that has one main story and about a half dozen subplots. i often dance around all the plots, as inspiration hits me, not really moving forward on any of them. last night i focused on only the "main thing" and moved the whole story along immensely. It was the best session in a long time. Thanks for the push!