Sunday, February 01, 2009

Winter War on the horizon

My local convention is next weekend. Here are my picks for the coolest stuff happening at the con this year:

Left Turn at Alba-Quirky - My Encounter Critical game on Friday night (7pm).
Kingmaker on the Big Board - Fight the War of the Roses on John Satterfield's custom set-up. Mr. Satterfield is an absolute hoot to play with. Saturday morning.
The Dwarven Rail - Saturday afternoon 2nd edition AD&D game. Don't know much about this one.
Arcane Vault of the Magic Goddess - AD&D/OSRIC adventure by Gameblog reader Alex Riedel, also Saturday afternoon.
30th Annual Blind Sniper Tournament - This is a long slog of an event, but because of its hidden movement nature a lot of other boardgames games get played while the ref processes the turns. In my humble opinion the best boardgaming at the con happens at this event. Also a Saturday afternoon, but clearly the best non-RPG event to shoot for if you can't get in on either D&D event.
A Mob Is A Terrible Thing - Old school fantasy adventure using Microlite20, a d20 variant that I would cheerily recommend to the grumbliest of d20-haters. Sunday morning.
Jeff's Big Stupid Dungeon Party - Maybe not the biggest event at the con and possibly not even the stupidest, but we'll try our best. Sunday afternoon.