Sunday, February 01, 2009

Winter War on the horizon

My local convention is next weekend. Here are my picks for the coolest stuff happening at the con this year:

Left Turn at Alba-Quirky - My Encounter Critical game on Friday night (7pm).
Kingmaker on the Big Board - Fight the War of the Roses on John Satterfield's custom set-up. Mr. Satterfield is an absolute hoot to play with. Saturday morning.
The Dwarven Rail - Saturday afternoon 2nd edition AD&D game. Don't know much about this one.
Arcane Vault of the Magic Goddess - AD&D/OSRIC adventure by Gameblog reader Alex Riedel, also Saturday afternoon.
30th Annual Blind Sniper Tournament - This is a long slog of an event, but because of its hidden movement nature a lot of other boardgames games get played while the ref processes the turns. In my humble opinion the best boardgaming at the con happens at this event. Also a Saturday afternoon, but clearly the best non-RPG event to shoot for if you can't get in on either D&D event.
A Mob Is A Terrible Thing - Old school fantasy adventure using Microlite20, a d20 variant that I would cheerily recommend to the grumbliest of d20-haters. Sunday morning.
Jeff's Big Stupid Dungeon Party - Maybe not the biggest event at the con and possibly not even the stupidest, but we'll try our best. Sunday afternoon.


  1. The biggest reason I signed up for WinterWar is to attend your dungeon party, complete with camera/video. I can't wait for this game. (Not to put any pressure on you or anything...)

    Thank you for mentioning my game. I realized too late that I posted the game as microlite20 instead of microlite74. Duh! *smacks forehead* - Well, I'm going to run it old school m20, but I'll have copies of both for people to look at.

    And Alex - his OSRIC game should be awesome!

  2. Hey Jeff...Don't forget...AG has moved across town.

    I'm not going to be at WW (this is WW 36, right?) because I am rescuing a certain maniac's 12 year old daughter from the gamers...

    (her mother started gaming when she was 12 and look where it got her.)

  3. I second the Kingmaker recommendation.

    Then again, I'm the guy who used the Archbishop of Canterbury as an assassin...

  4. I'll be playing EC, Kingmaker, OSRIC, and the big stupid dungeon crawl.

    I have no doubt that I can help make it the stupidest dungeon crawl yet.

  5. People attending the Big Stupid Dungeon Party should feel free to whip up some characters ahead of time:

  6. Assuming we're all first level?

    Heh, my captcha text is supids. That's Char #1's name.

  7. Oh yeah, first level for everyone.

  8. If you are not attending the convention, you need to. Every year it's a blast and this year will be no exception.

    Sorry for the shameless promotion, Jeff.

    (a proud member of the WW convention staff)

  9. No need to apologize, dude! See, you Friday!

  10. The dungeon party on Sunday sounds awesome, but I can't make it! Arrgh!

    I look forward to reading/watching the summary next week.

    - Kirk

  11. Doug and I are going to have to miss Encounter Critical. It's mega-frustrating, but we're both on the ST staff of a LARP that runs Friday night. Even if we could justify cutting the staff by 40% for a session, this would not be the session to do it. Argh.

    We will be in the Big Stupid Dungeon Party, though! I might steal the captcha-as-name idea from Chgowiz; Ceuricer looks pretty good. I can think of several ways to pronounce it, though.