Friday, February 20, 2009

my latest dumb idea

Start with this:

Sprinkle with what little I remember of Camelot 3000:

Run it with these rules:

Add a dash of Boorman's flick, old Pendragon scenarios, Mallory, robots, Black Adder bits, & etc. as needed. I calls it EXCALIBUR CRITICAL!

At Winter War I threatened to run an EC mini-campaign for Doug, Kathleen and Josh, as they couldn't make my Friday night game. This may just be the way to go for such an outing. I'm thinking three or four sessions total, spaced far enough apart that we've all forgotten everything since the last run. I bet you I could get Dave Hoover to play as well if we ran it at Armored Gopher on a day he was minding the store.


  1. Damn! That sounds like fun.

    "I've got a cunning plan, my lord." :D

  2. I want to travel to Space Outpost Anthraxia! Mme Zoot awaits!

  3. There's only one word for this, Jeff:


  4. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Don't forget "Rocket Robin Hood".

  5. OK, mostly I just tune out when you start talking about Encounter Critical, but I'd play that.

  6. Don't forget to rip off elements of TSR's "Once and Future King" Amazing Engine setting. Clone knights, AI Merlin, terraformed Mars, rocket horses, geneered griffons...

  7. You've been in the medicine cupboard, haven't you, Jeff? ;-)

  8. yeah... I could probably have my arm twisted to play this... =P

    - Dave

  9. Magnificent! I'd be all over this.