Sunday, February 22, 2009

Anybody know J. McPhail?

Mentioning White Dwarf classifieds in Friday's post reminded me that I had this scanned-in ad I've been meaning to share:At the moment I can't recall which issue this classified comes from, but it was almost certainly from the eighties. I like to imagine that J. McPhail was wildly successful and that there's a filing cabinet at 17 The Wynd chock full o' character classes of all sorts. How cool would that be?

Play at home time! Assume J. McPhail got every class ever made for D&D. What character type do you think has the most homemade variants? Would it be 35 takes on the Barbarian or 57 different Necromancers or 128 crazy Ninja classes? For extra credit try to come up with the most ridiculous class that would grace the McPhail Collection.