Monday, February 09, 2009

a Trome is a half-troll, half-gnome

Here's the custom wandering monster charts I threw together for my Big Stupid Dungeon Party. Sadly, almost no wandering monsters showed up.


  1. As opposed to a half-gnome, half-troll...

    Sorry I missed out on Winter War this year. Angela was sick all weekend.



  3. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Gelatinous dodecahedrons?

    Brilliant. :D

  4. Trome? I thought a Gnoll was supposed to be half Gnoll/troll? No?


  5. Friggin' Orcs, man. Awesome. Though I will require more information on the pinball machine for level 4.

  6. Any chance of stats for fishcats or angry dungeon chickens?

  7. Stuart: I hope Angela is feeling better!

    Cole: Either clones of that guy, or the Star Trek apes that inspired the name. I hadn't quite made up my mind yet.

    Mike D: There's just a pinball machine in the hallway or room.

    David: Dungeon chickens are AC 9, HD 1, damage d6, move 9', sorta fly 3". Fishcats use the giant catfish stats but are non-aquatic ithyoid feline horrors.

  8. Dungeon Chickens are goooood eatin'! Delred wanted to put one on Stupid.

    How awesome it would have been to watch you roll six 12s in a row. We would have died instantly... but that would have been great!

    @Mike - I'm suspicious of that simple explanation by Jeff... if you tilt, you probably have to save or die. :P

  9. Great White Landshark? Nice. :-)

    DM: #Duuuur nun. Duuuur nun. dundundundun dundundundun. Dur-nur-ne...#
    Player: "Eh? But we're tens of miles from the oce- AAAAGH!"

    And the skeletons on parade. I presume they're pink?

  10. Pinball machine. Awesome.

    A lower level should have the dreaded Atari in it --

  11. "Sadly"?

    There was about a 50% mortality rate with the few that did appear!

  12. @Intruder_W Someday, someone will kill that damn unicorn.

    What is the story with the unicorn and someone killing it, someday? :)

  13. The Mad Unicorn is a wandering monster that has appeared on multiple wandering monster charts of mine. Intruder_W encountered in at the beginning of my only 3rd edition campaign, where it wrecked a party exploring ol' Quasqueton.

    The poor creature began life as a normal, well-adjusted unicorn, but ended up cursed to forever wander the underworlds. If it finds a way out of a dungeon it is immediately teleported to a random location inside some other dungeon. Years of wandering an unknown number of hellholes has driven it insane.

    This back story was written for the express purpose of beating up PCs with a unicorn.

  14. @Jeff - That's hilarious and demented at the same time! I see some poor PC on a constant hunt after the unicorn to free it or get its horn.

    I seriously need to invent the Star Trek transporter or bribe someone to have you run games up here...