Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Welcome to Jeff's GameRetractions

Looks like I'm guilty of spreading another unfounded rumour. Mongoose has denied having any license to produce a Star Trek RPG. Apparently Amazon is in the habit of putting up entries for vaporware. WTF?

Edit: Retraction on part of the retraction! (Sonuvabitch!) Turns out Mongoose is the one with the loose lips sinking ships. Back when they were pursuing the license, they put a Trek corebook on their proposed release schedule. Come on, Mongoose. Everyone know that before you actually have a license all you can do is act real coy and say stupid stuff like "We're pursuing a major property at the moment, but I can't disclose anything just yet." By the established protocol extra emphasis on the "major" is called for only if the license is in fact for something stupid that no one cares about.

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