Tuesday, January 25, 2005

DriveThru StarRiders

Now that DriveThruRPG is giving publishers the option of using digital watermarking (rather than the user-unfriendly Digital Right Management technology DTRPG.com initially offered), DriveThru is starting to look like as good an option as RPGnow. Especially when you consider the great print-and-ink publishers offering electronic reprints at DriveThru. Here's the current list of publishers who are switching over to digital watermarking:

Malhavoc Press (Complete)
Necromancer Games (Complete)
Morrigan Press (Talislanta) (Complete)
Goodman Games (Complete)
WorldWorks Games (Complete)
Fiery Dragon
Z-Man Games
Dream Pod 9
Sword Sorcery Games
Pisces All Media
Pinnacle (Great White Games)
Bastion Press
Politically Incorrect Games
QuikLink Interactive, Inc.
White Wolf
M.A.R Barker's World of Tekumel (When Content Arrives)
Ronin Arts (When Content Arrives)

Hopefully more publishers will hop on the bandwagon as this format becomes more popular.

I noticed recently while flipping through Dream Pod 9 section at DriveThru that they are selling a PDF of an old out-of-print comedy/sci-fi game called Star Riders. This game uses the mechanics from first edition Teenagers From Outer Space, but casts the PCs as crazy college kids searching for the planet Earth. Seems ol' Sol III was misplaced by interstellar bureaucrats. (Did I mention the cover art features space motorcycles? I love space motorcycles. Always wanted one since I first got a look at a hoverbike illo in Star Frontiers.) There's a review for Star Riders over at RPG.net, with some good comments at the bottom of the page.

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