Thursday, January 20, 2005

Games and stuff

Sunday Pat was over as usual and as usual we jibber jabbered about games and stuff. He helped me get a handle on a couple of ideas that I've been knocking around, to wit:

1) Of all the Mekton ideas I've been knocking around, Emerald Knights of Uresia will be the easiest to implement and the easiest to sell to players.

2) My idea of running a sentai team under Mekton is still viable, but would probably work best as a one-shot.

3) I'm probably crazy to think I could tackle a GURPS The Prisoner campaign. The Prisoner is just too advanced an idea. I need more experience running non-dungeon based campaigns first.

Please note that Pat did absolutely nothing to discourage me from any particular project. I came to these conclusions after bouncing ideas off of him, but as usual he was completely non-judgemental of whatever I wanted to do.

Monday was boardgame night, which was spent playtesting Al's new scenario for the old Aliens boardgame from Leading Edge. I got to play both Hicks and Hudson. If you ever get a chance to get this game cheap, do it. If nothing else, I'll buy it off of you. The presentation is slick and the mechanics are pretty sweet. Most of the night I was filled with visions of using this game with GURPS Traveller deckplans for the maps. It could rock.

I've been working on a little one-shot for Feng Shui, an emergency back-up game in case Dave is unavailable or otherwise not into GMin on a particular Wednesday night. He mentioned possibly not being available the Wednesday after the con, so I started working on adapting on old adventure from another system I've always wanted to run. This game would be for characters other than our 'regular' PCs in Dave's Feng Shui campaign, but I thought it would be useful if we stuck with the same ruleset. No need to attempt to learn or re-learn a new system just for a substitute game. Besides, this adventure is basically a variation on the old Van Dam movie Bloodsport, so Feng Shui seemed like as good a fit as anything.

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