Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Trek RPG?

Busy news day here at Jeff's Gameblog, ain't it?

Anyhoo, it was pointed out a few minutes ago over on RPG.net that Amazon has a sketchy little listing for a new Star Trek rpg. The publisher is Mongoose, with a release date of June '05, page count of 300, and a price tage of $44.95. No further info is available at this time.

Original Series-era Trek and Movies-era Trek (the ones with the killer burgundy tunics) have long been settings I have wished to do some good gaming in. I haven't really taken the plunge in these venues other than a few abortive FASA-based attempts in junior high and high school. I briefly owned the Last Unicorn Games corebook for the Original Series, but the system left me dead cold. I recently acquired the Narrator's advice booklet, written by the supertalented S. John Ross. Great GMing advice in there, applicable to many other games. I've longed for a copy of Mr. Ross's supplement for the Andorians, but have yet to lay my hands on one. I don't really have any experience with the Decipher's Trek material, or the very early Heritage Models/Gamescience product. Ditto Prime Directive, the Star Fleet Battles RPG, and it's GURPS variant. I bet GURPS Klingons kicks all sorts of ass though, as it is undoubtedly based on the earlier Klingons-as-the-Mongol-horde model, rather than the later Klingons-as-drunken-brawling-Injuns motif.

These days a new Trek RPG is unlikely to focus on the two periods in Trek chronology that I personally love, so a Mongoose corebook may not do jack or squat in helping me get a game going. Still, I'm glad someone is trying to keep the flame of Trek gaming alive.

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