Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ups and Downs

Monday night was the boardgame goop with the grognards. We played a couple of our old stand-by games: Ticket to Ride and Bohnanza. I'm thinking that maybe my sister would like Ticket to Ride and it's simple enough she can teach it to her neanderthal friends. (That wasn't a very nice thing for me to say, but you've never met these goons.) Bruce has gotten ahold of the two expansions for Bohnanza, but we only used the new bean types from one of them. I'm not sure that cognac beans added anything to the game and I suspect that the field bean (the apposite of a bean field) is a bad word play made into a bad game mechanic. Still, I had a good time. And I even one a hand of Bohnanza! Yay on me!

Last night didn't go quite as well as Monday. Make no mistake; I had a good time playing in Dave's Feng Shui game. But man, did we (the PCs) fuck things up royally. The damsel in distress got capped and the major villain escaped. One or the other I can stomach, but both is just bitter ashes in my mouth. And Sean's mafia hitman bit the dust. I'd really, really like to put all the blame for this fiasco on Ray, but we all managed to botch things up pretty good. Turns out all the players but yours truly are ditching the characters from the first two sessions and bringing in new guys. Barb's got a Big Bruiser. Pat chose a Maverick Cop. Sean went with... a second Old Master? WTF? I have no idea what Ray chose. I think he spent over an hour making up his mind and maybe he still wasn't done when Pat and I split. Master Fo, my PC, ended the session in possession of the Eating Counter, a Feng Shui site that he promptly attuned to. Unfortunately the old owner was the cook so now my evil kung-fu master is an evil noodle chef.

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  1. Now you're chairman Kaga AND a model for etro.
    I'm swiping a publicity shot from Brother (;fc=1;ft=15;fm=1)
    for my illo, and start again. Billy Idol shuffle.
    Still not sure what happened. A Cluster certainly, but
    hopefully we all form up under your evil wing. Maybe a quick look at the group schticks (Headquarters, etc.) might be in order, because despite our best efforts, we are a team.
    I think I'll chip in for the group fortune pool one myself,
    cause it sounds like it might be the answer the next everyman medical skill. after that, maybe the call out advice, reduce friendly shot cost one.
    Remember, team is meat spelled sideways.