Monday, January 10, 2005

Current Projects

With the Blue Rose Fast Play over and the Foe File project abandoned, I thought I'd review my current prjects list again.

Occult Crimes Taskforce (Savage Worlds) - Con game. Currently a big blank. Prep needed: medium. Priority: High.

Catch Me When You Can (Call of Cthulhu) - Con game. 6 PCs done. Basic outline of badguys activities. Prep needed: A lot. Priorty: V. high.

Home Team - I'm pretty close ot having all the conversions done. Jill Montgomery, Agent of SHIELD, still needs some work. Still hope to start the campaign back up after the con.

Mekton - Emerald Knights of Uresia and Steel Dragons are the campaigns in contention for this slot. Not sure if I want to run something as crunchy as Mekton or not, but it is a good game.

d20 Modern - Remains idel until the players give me a schedule.

the Prisoner - The GURPS book is way cool, as is the original TV series. I think even a short campaign would be hard work, but well worth the effort if I could pull it off. But what system to use? Risus? GURPS Lite? FUDGE? Ideally, the game has to allow for some sort of psychological conflit mechanics, whether Risus-style (all conflicts, physical, mental & social, are handles the same way) or HERO-style (psych lims and all that sort of disad stuff).

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