Monday, January 10, 2005

The End of an Era... ?

In the mail today I received the last item purchased by the old Jeff, the game collecting Jeff, the obsessive consumer Jeff. I'm referring to the 2nd edition SpaceMaster boxed set I purchased off an online acquaintance over at RPGnet. SpaceMaster is a re-acquisition for me, one of many attempts to buy back stuff I sold off over the years. I wasn't into Traveller yet when I owned the game the first time, but it occurred to me recently that SM might be a great system for crunchy Trav action. Now that I have SpaceMaster in my grubby little mitts, I am done. No more buying RPGs I'm not actively playing. Honest. I mean it this time.

My new copy of Feng Shui appeared today as well. This is my first purchase under the new policy. I have no plans to buy anymore FS books, but I don't know how long I can last, escpecially with Golden Comeback, the player's book, available cheap at RPGnow. Until I start or join a new campaign, I'm pretty much dead in the water as far as RPG purchases go. On with the games!

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