Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Guardians Update: Fighting the Good Fight

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

It turns out that GoO ain't dead yet, but it's fighting for survival. The Guardians need a quick cash injection in order to keep going. Towards that end, they are having a monster blowout sale with some really good stuff available cheap. Highlights of the sale include:

- BESM 1st edition: I've heard the first edition is a lighter, more free-form incarnation.

- Great BESM 2nd edition stuff. Including the intriguing-but-may-be-a-Vampire-clone-unpon-further-inspection Cold Hands, Dark Hearts and the totally fun-sounding Cute and Fuzzy Cockfighting Seizure Monsters.

- BESM d20 for only ten bucks!!! and the full color deluxe edition for twenty!!!

- Lotsa licensed anime stuff.

- Silver Age Sentinels for only 15 dollars! (NB: These are slightly darker than normal print jobs from an early batch. Guardians assures us that they are still readable. They just weren't good enough that GoO wanted to put them into distribution.) The GM's advice on running silver age campaigns is probably worth the $15 alone.

Seriously people, if you ever wanted any of this stuff, now is the time to get it. You get a good deal. GoO gets a shot at a second lease on life. That's a win-win situation if I ever heard it.

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