Sunday, January 30, 2005

items from the grab bag

Winter War is nearly upon us. It's too late to pre-register, but you can get the most recently published schedule right here. The crunch is on for me to finish my games. Fortunately, I got the char sheets done for my two rpg event. Having PCs for the players is the most critical 10% of con game prep. The other 90% can be done on the fly if necessary.

I bought a bottle of strawberry kefir yesterday. Kefir is a culture, like yoghurt. In fact, it pretty much tastes like a yoghurt shake. If it was substantively more expenses than yoghurt I'd use plain kefir on my breakfast cereal, but Silk Chai is still my organic beverage of choice.

Last night I finally got to see the Matrix, thanks to Pat lending me his copy. [dude]That movie was totally awesome!!![/dude] The epiphany scene where Neo could see the world as data was pretty cool, but the big payoff for me was Neo and Trinity in the lobby fight. The plot seemed to have a few holes (or at least unaddressed issues), but overall the movie still kicked ass. In fact, I've already printed out a copy of There Is No Spoon, Steve Darlington's excellent Matrix RPG.

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