Monday, April 19, 2021

Who wrote the Fiend Folio? L-M


This batch features the most prolific contributor to the Fiend Folio, Ian Livingstone.




Author Notes


Lawrence, Julian


Doombat, Frost man

Has an NPC write-up in White Dwarf #19.


Livingstone, Ian


Assassin bug, Blood hawk, Bloodworm (giant), Bonesnapper, Crabman, Devil (styx), Dune stalker, Eyekiller, Forlarren, Grell, Hook horror, Mite, Phantom stalker, Throat leech, Troll (giant)

Co-founder of Games Workshop and White Dwarf magazine. Author of Dicing with Dragons and many Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. Numerous credits in magazines White Dwarf, Games International, Warlock.


Later went into the video game industry, particularly upper management of Eidos Interactive, where he shepherded franchises like Tomb Raider and Hitman.


A Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. No foolin’. I suspect this guy is a Tory.


Lockwood, Dean and P.S. Barton



Dean Lockwood contributed to one issue of Trollcrusher.

No further info on P.S. Barton.


Louth, Nick


Hornet (giant), Kamadan, Magnesium spirit, Urchin [x5]

No further info available, unless he’s the same Nick Louth that writes crime thrillers.


MacDonald, Michael


Son of Kyuss

This guy has a bunch of designer credits for Mekton and Cyberpunk 2020. Other credits include Dream Park, Castle Falkenstein, Call of Cthulhu, Talislanta, and Teenagers from Outer Space. Articles in two issues of Vortext magazine.


MacDonald, Oliver Charles


Cifal, Troll (giant two-headed)

A.k.a. Oliver MacDonald, O.C. MacDonald. Numerous contributions to White Dwarf and Alarums & Excursions.


Martelli, Alessandro



Alarums & Excursions contributor.


Masters, Philip


Iron cobra, Jaculi, Lamia noble, Screaming devilkin

A.k.a. Phil Masters, a GURPS powerhouse with HERO System credits and a few other things here and there. His numerous magazine credits include Adventurer’s Club, Arcane, Dragon, White Dwarf, Interactive Fantasy, The Excellent Prismatic Spray, Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, Alarums & Excursions, The Last Province, Pyramid, Roleplayer, Sabledrake webzine, Valkyrie, Shadis, and Visions. Dang.    


McDonagh, Michael


Fire snake

No further info available.

McDowall, Ian and Douglas Naismith



For Ian McDowall, see next entry.

No further info on Douglas Naismith.


McDowell, Ian


Dakon, Guardian daemon

Fiction piece in Ares #1. UPDATE: Author of two fantasy novels, Merlin's Gift and Mordred's Curse.

Mendham, Trevor


Guardian familiar “Trevor has invented many games over the years, most of which were seen only by a few friends and are now lost to history. Whether this is a blessing or a curse for the gaming world is an open question.” Published 3 issues of a magazine called Play It! In 1985. Credits in the periodicals The Beholder, Casus Belli, Chimaera, Imagine, Shire Talk, The Stormlord, and White Dwarf.

Moldvay, Tom


Astral Searcher, Protein polymorph, Retriever

My dude.

Morgan, Nigel


Skeleton warrior

No further info available.

Morris, Graeme


Hoar fox

A big part of TSR UK. Designer credits on modules including UK1-UK5, the classic B10 Night’s Dark Terror, and the super-rare Up the Garden Path, among other things. Credits in periodicals include Imagine, the Fantasy Worlds newsletter, and the [D&D] Players Association News.

Morris, J.D.


Flind, Norker

No further info available.

Musson, Roger


Achaierai, Al-mi’raj, Blindheim, Crypt thing, Disenchanter, Firetoad, Nilbog, Sandman, Scarecrow, Shocker, Symbiotic jelly

Articles in White Dwarf, Imagine, the wargame magazine Phoenix, [D&D] Players Association News.

Muth, Simon


Dark stalker, Skulk, Vortex

One article in the early UK zone Chimaera.


  1. Oh gosh, I wouldn't be surprised if Sir Ian were a Tory, I hope not, because that would be a childhood hero tarnished. Given his genuine interest in promoting education, I'm going to guess he's not, and cross my fingers.

  2. FWIW, Ian McDonald went on to write two novels about his (very enjoyable) take on the Arthurian Mordred that (I think) we first saw in Ares. They're pretty good, especially if you like dodgy protagonists who try to do the right thing but not very hard, and often in the worst way possible. The Ares piece where he saves a young woman from being eaten a virgin-devouring ogre by rendering her inedible to him (with her consent, albeit without her full understanding of the plan) is a really pretty funny.

  3. Are Michael McDonald's credits mashed up with Michael Pondsmith's, or did they just both work on the same stuff?

    1. They both worked on the same lines and, in some cases, the same product.

    2. Must've been a neverending Who's On First? routine in that office.

  4. Sons of Kyuss = coolest D&D undead
    Flumphs = best good-aligned D&D monster ever