Friday, June 24, 2011

Revenger cover art

You might remember Melee Resolution from their somewhat successful album Conquer, Withdraw, Surrender or Die! This one is the Resolution's rare self-released EP from their garage band days.  I vaguely recall reading somewhere that the original drummer for MR did the cover design because they couldn't afford to get a professional.  Four of the five tracks are exactly the sort of mess you'd expect from a new metal band trying to find its own sound: a mish-mash of derivative crap with growly vocals I can barely parse.  Maybe if I could find the lyrics online somewhere then track three, "Night Prey", would make some sort of damn sense.  All I can hear is absolute nonsense broken up occasionally by obviously wrong stuff of the "pardon me while I kiss this guy" variety.

The last song on the disc is the whole reason I tracked down a copy of Revenger: a cover of Kiss's "Rip and Destroy".  This is the alternative lyrics version of "Hotter Than Hell" that the evil Kiss robots sing to start a riot in the cult classic movie Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. The vocals on everything but the chorus are  nearly inaudible, but the playing on it is much better than the other four tracks. Since they come off better playing someone else's song, I think at this stage in their career Melee Resolution's main problem was figuring out how to write original instrumentation. Mixing their sound properly so people could actually hear the lead singer wouldn't hurt, either.  Still, not completely terrible for a self-made first effort.


  1. I heard an interview on the radio the other night with a band I had never heard of. They sounded like waifish british sorts, very socially awkward and solitary. They were introducing a song that would be played, talking about how it was very "sincere", "self-reflective" and "therapeutic" for them in solving some of the personal issues they were dealing with when they wrote it.

    I expected something like the lovechild of Wilco and Duncan Sheik, especially since the interviewer mentioned that he thought only young women would be calling in since this band was so dreamy, but when the song played it was just monotonous heavy drums, four blaring guitars and growling, incoherent vocals.

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  3. This is a cool idea, ill have to make one of my own.

  4. I think some of them got into death metal, and formed Antithesis of Weal.