Monday, June 13, 2011

random picture post attack!

Because hey, why not.

I like it when people post photographs of books on shelves.

Or just the books themselves.

I think this illo is from a Russian edition of The Hobbit.

The front cover to Ultima II is all over the internet. 
It's much rarer to find a scan of the entire wraparound cover.

I was looking at various globe projections the other day.
Can't remember why.

The chart of most popular colors.

The future according to Blackadder.

From the Commander Keen video games, if I recall correctly.


  1. That second picture is of a set of classic books put out in new editions by Waterstones -- sort of our equivalent of Barnes & Noble -- and they're quite nice. The covers are a weird carpet/wallpaper type of texture, but they're certainly memorable.

  2. The Ultima II box cover and the scene from the Blackadder special bring back some great memories! :)

  3. Big Blackadder fan, but what was the future one from? I seem to remember there was some kind of post-show time travel special, but I don't remember this.

  4. More Russian Hobbit pictures can be found here:

  5. ckutalik, that scene is from Blackadder's Christmas Carol.

  6. Dymaxion Projection is the best Earth projection. Still fond of Traveller's related unfolded triangle maps

  7. Hey, very interesting images you have here. I remember I saw the xkcd one a while ago in the comic page... and what? All the galaxy uses the same alphabet just written differently?? xD

    Thanks for sharing! :D