Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm just curious...

Quick survey time.  Everybody and their grandma has been talking about the new Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG beta that dropped this week.  (Get your own copy here.) I think the Old School Ruckus will be talking about this one for a while, so I'm going to start small.

One of the weird things about this game is its use of d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, d24 and d30 type dice.  Personally, I currently own some d24s and a d30.  The d24 I got for a game that used a lot of 4d6 rolls that I thought was too tame.  I never ended up running that game, but I've still got the dice.

I know quite a few gamers.  Lots of these people treat dice like magical totems.  Many of them collect dice.  But the only folks I know that I suspect own everyone one of these dice are Kathleen and Josh.  And I'm pretty sure they didn't have a d24 until I gave one of my spares at a con.

So here's today's survey for anyone caring to weigh in:

  1. Of the set [d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, d24, d30] how many of these dice do you own?
  2. If you own any of them, which ones do you have?
  3. If you wanted to get some or all of them, where is the first place you would look?
  4. Does the need for these funky dice change your opinion about trying the DCC rpg?
My own answers are:

  1. Two
  2. Some d24s and a d30.  (The d24s I got for a game that used a lot of 4d6 rolls that I thought was too tame.  I never ended up running that game, but I've still got the dice.)
  3. I'd ask my local FLGS if they could get them in.  If that wasn't feasible I'd got to either Gamestation or G-Squared.
  4. I am not discouraged. Maybe some of that old "what the crap is this?" magic can be regained this way.  I dunno.


  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    1. One
    2. d30
    3. Gamestation
    4. It has completely eliminated all my interest in the game, which was otherwise considerable.

  2. 1. 2
    2. A d7 and a d30
    3. Direct from Goodman Games. As I understand it, they will be selling the dice by the time the book is released
    4. I like it. Given a choice between needing to buy more dice (mmmmm.... more dice) and having to buy a shedload of expensive plastic minis to be able to play the game, I'll take the dice every time.

    Also, it's not difficult to convert dice - I've just posted a converter for all those dice to a d20 on my blog, and people are bound to come up with more methods.

    I think of it like FUDGE dice (sets of d6s where the numbers are replaced with + and - symbols) and all the rest. It's a part of the game experience, nothing more. If people want to play the game, they'll get the dice. Maybe Goodman will offer the system and a set of dice as a bundled discount price. I dunno. Hope so.

  3. 1. d3- more then 3, d30- have two
    2. I have one or two funky little weird shaped d3 and a number of six sided dice labeled 1 to 3 twice. I think the d30's are old gamescience d30's.
    (if you want to get picky every d6 can be tasked to d3 and every d10 can be tasked to d5)
    3. online vendors.
    4. The funky dice add to the appeal for me, the funky dice are part of the appeal to old day D&D back in the olden days.

    People turned off by the funky dice are darned curious to me given the average RPG fan tendencies to dice fetishism.

    Not having enough funky dice on hand is meaningless to me I played many hundreds of hours of D&D with one d20 labeled 0-9, a d8, a d12 and a d4 along with a number of dice "borrowed" from a Yahtzee set. with group from 2 to 10 in size.
    I must have played for about 10 years before most regular players had a full set of dice.

  4. 1. None
    3. dunno, I'd Google it I guess
    4. Somewhat annoyed; they're easy enough to simulate with regular dice, so I wouldn't buy them even if I intended to play DCC, but I really don't see what they add. They're funky for the sake of being funky, not because play goes any differently rolling a d7 instead of a d8-1.

  5. 1. One.
    2. The d30, which I strongly recommend to all!
    3. I don't know -- the interweb somewhere. I have been thinking off and on about getting some, even though I have no direct interest in DCC. It seems some fun random tables could be created. . .
    4. No effect either way -- not much interest to begin with.

  6. 1. None
    2. None.
    3. I'd order them from one of several online vendors I normally use for such things.
    4. They haven't affected my opinion one way or the other, since having to buy funny dice to play an RPG is something I've been doing for more than 30 years.

  7. 1. 6
    2. All except the d7. My Zocchi set didn't some with one.
    3. G2 - very prompt and good service.
    4. Yes - for the better. I want more funky dice. I want a 17.5 sided die. And a 3.14159265 would be cool too. :)

    - Ark

  8. 1. 12
    2. I have at least one of each. Several d30s from the 80s.
    3. Online
    4. Not even a little. My interest is still exactly zero.

    I like dice. I have no interest in 'another D&D'.

  9. 1. Zero

    2. N/A

    3. Amazon, if I wanted them right now. Otherwise, I would get them at gencon.

    4. It's just another point of friction keeping me from wanting to play this. Me getting the dice is a small issue (although I really do dislike GS dice in general). Getting the rest of my group to invest in expensive dice they wont use in another game - damn near impossible.

  10. Don't own the dice. Would pick them up at GenCon if I were going to get some. Absolutely hate the idea of them being in the game. Just feels way too "look at us, using nonstandard dice!"

  11. 1. One
    2. The venerable d30 of course!
    3. I'd do a Google search and find an online retailer.
    4. Any excuse to buy funny new dice is always welcome. It's actually one of the few things regarding DCC that's not a turnoff for me.

  12. 1. 0
    2. None
    3. I'd Google it and see what came up.
    4. Not much. As it is if the final rules (I read the beta) were a free download, or nearly so, I might get them to read but not play. That's the most I would do with the game at this point, weird dice not withstanding.

  13. 1. 6
    2. All of 'em except the d7.
    3. G2
    4. Nope.

  14. 1. Three
    2. d3, d24, d30
    3. Teh intarwubz
    4. Hadn't planned on buying DCC, but this fiddly dice thing makes me worry about it being "different for the sake of different", rather than "different because it needs to be".

  15. Anonymous8:37 AM

    1. None
    2. n/a
    3. Google
    4. Nope

  16. 1. Two
    2. d30, d3
    3. Normally, GenCon. But I don't GenCon anymore, so i'd poke around with Google.
    4. Nope

    And I'm sad that the DCC RPG won't use my 3d34. I've had these fuckers for years and so rarely get to use them.

  17. 1. a single d30
    2. see ^
    3. Amazon the next time I order some books and I'm pretty sure Gamestation does the fulfillment for those.
    4. I love cool new dice, so yeah, I think it's a pretty neat idea. At least it doesn't go the Full Monty as FFG's version of WHFRPG has done where every dice required for the game is a non-standard RPG dice.

  18. 1. One
    2. A d3 in the form of a d6. One of my favorite dice. You've seen it.
    3. LGS is unlikely to have it... would likely check blogs and see where people are gettin' em.
    4. Not significantly.

  19. 1. None
    2. None
    3. Ask FLGS to order; if they can't, then Gamestation.
    4. Not really; everything except d7/d14 is easy to generate using dice I do have, and I can always expand some tables with one or two entries to get rid of those dice if I want.

  20. Anonymous9:06 AM

    1. One
    2. d30
    3. Online vendors
    4. Yes.

    I like funny-sided dice, but I'm not a fetishist. I don't buy them just because they're there. I can appreciate a game publisher trying to reinvent the wheel, but this just seems to be a marketing tool to me.

    It's odd how the game speaks to persons already familiar with RPGs, and then wants to disassociate one from them with different dice. If it's a real need for creatuing specific percentages, make a portable digital roller that you can set for different sided dice.

    Or create an app for that. :)

  21. 1. One
    2. Own a single d30
    3. Gamestation (though I'd check the FLGS first)
    4. No real effect. I bought Fudge dice for FATE and recently bought my d30 to join the Order of D30.

  22. 1. One
    2. d30
    4. I'd just use the next higher dice and reroll any results out of range.

    I'd like to get a d14, d16 and d18!

  23. 1. Five

    2. (d3, d14, d16, d24, d30)

    I machined two d14 some years ago, then when I had access to a prototyper/fabber I made masters for the others, and cast them myself. [I had a homebrew gamer that required a ready multiple of 2 increase and d14 felt better than d12+1. Before I machined the dice, I built electronic dice, but it just wasn't the same.]

    The d3 was a gift for detecting that it was a d3 instead of a d6 that consistently rolled really low (the tournament umpire checked for whether the dice were loaded, but didn't check the faces).

    3. Given the costs of overseas shipping, especially by UPS, I'd hope the Australian distributor would bring some in, especially if they bring the game in.

    4. Nope. The DCC RPG is gimmicky (my particular bane is the 0 level to 1 level). But the dice do give smooth curves which are very easy to use in play provided that you have the dice and don't have to improvise.

    It's no more problem than using the existing "weird" dice (which used to be only available from mathematics supply stores back before role-playing took off).

    If you don't have the dice it's a pain. Goodman really needs to think in terms of producing a boxed game that includes a set of dice as standard. Separating dice and game is a recipe for disaster.

    I also have a set of Roman Tali dice for Fulminata. While you can simulate these with d4 and d8, it's nicer to have the actual dice (although actual knucklebones might be nicer still).

    Customized dice are nothing new for a game. Frex, Hercules and Xena RPG and the latest edition of Warhammer Fantasy RP. But you have to include the customized dice in the base set of the game (as well as provide easy options for buying extra copies of the dice), or you will be cutting your own throat.

    If you don't, people will attempt to improvise, and the difficulty in doing so will automatically turn people off the system. This is why a lot of the beta testers are uncomfortable with the additional dice.

  24. Anonymous9:17 AM

    1) None
    2) N/A
    3) Local Brick and Mortar
    4) Ultimately yes. The tables themselves put me off, but the usage of these dice bugs the heck out of me.

  25. 1) Only One
    2) The D30, and that is only because I got it free in a Con Goodie bag.
    3) Internet - Any supplier, no brand loyalty from me!
    4) I like collecting dice so the new ones don't freek me out or put me off.

  26. 1. One type, the d30.
    2. I own two d30's
    3. Gamestation or Amazon
    4. I doubt I would buy new dice just to play DCC. If I play it (and at the moment I'm planning to simply mine it for ideas) I might try to patch it for the type of dice I already own, though I'm not sure about the feasibility of that yet.

  27. 1. One.
    2. A d7 (which, by the way, is all you need besides the basic polyhedrals, and perhaps d10, to simulate all of those dice without rerolls).
    3. Internet, at least until the new FLGS opens.
    4. No. I'm probably going to stick to S&W Whitebox and original games (Traveller, RQ3, GURPS, The Arcanum, Hârnmaster, D&D Cyclopedia, D&D Holmes plus Holmes Treasury, and perhaps a few others) at this point. Maybe Dark Dungeons.

  28. Erm, and Stars Without Number.

  29. 1. None at all
    2. zero
    3. amazon or google
    4. the requirement for these ridiculous dice has absolutely killed any possibility of me and my gaming group playing this game. The funky dice bring absolutely nothing to the game... and to me seem to be a verty thinly disguised under the table handshake between Goodman and Zocchi to drum up some demand for what are certainly the poorest selling dice on the planet (I dont doubt that even fudge dice sell better than these - and thats saying a LOT!). I dont care for the extra steps of either trying to use the 6 "normal" polyhedral dice to come up with numbers for the stupid "zoccihedron" numbers, nor will we use a computerized random number generator. In short - Goodman was extremely foolish to virtually require the use of these oddball dice - and is extremely short sighted not to realize this inept decision has cost him customers. A pity, really- since otherwise the DCC RPG held some promise.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. 1. one
    2. 2 d30s
    3. online somewhere
    4. I guess it does, although confessing that makes me feel like an old geezer since when I started out a d8 was pretty damned strange!

  32. 1. None. I mean, I think I have a pair of irregularly-marked d16's in my Guild*Space boxed set, but like I said, they're irregularly marked. So they do me no good.

    2. See above.

    3. The internet.

    4. It makes me slightly less to try it on my own. I'm not going to invest in a bunch of new kinds of dice to play a fantasy roleplaying game when I already have a bajillion fantasy roleplaying games at my fingertips. But then again, I probably wasn't going to try it on my own anyway--I actually play so damned few RPGs anymore. If I was going to run something, it just would not be DCC. If someone else was going to run DCC that I thought was a good GM, I'd be in in a heartbeat becqause I'm curious, and the weird dice wouldn't deter me. at least, I would use someone else's weird dice until I thought i was committed to the game.

  33. 1. Zero

    2. Zip. nada.

    3. Steal them from one of you.

    4. I really hate hardwiring them in as much as I disliked having to hunt down and use funny dice in 1980.

    It's like using The Club on your car, it's not so much that it will stop a thief as much as make them skip over yours in search of an easier mark. With a ton of other options I am going to stick with ones I already have the equipment for--and I am one of the ones that generally like many of DCC's features.

  34. Anonymous10:37 AM

    I have a set of glow-in-the-dark Zocchi dice & a d30, so I guess the d7 is all I lack... though d14/2 will serve. They're easy to find online, though I had to "crayon" mine myself.

    While I have no interest in playing Dungeon Crawl Classics, thanks to the use of these uncommon dice the game is in itself not entirely uninteresting.

  35. 1. Four
    2. don't have the first three
    3. Amazon has Gamestation dice on it
    4. It makes me wonder about the design decisions made. Okay, maybe a d3 is easier than explaining to a newbie how to get that result from a d6, but a d7? Why would a d6 or d8 not work in that situation?

  36. 1. One
    2. d30
    3. FLGS? I like to support them, and they have more knowledge of the hobby, and more resources, than I do. If they can't help, then I'd go to Gamescience first, since they are Zocchi's company, I think. Not only are they available here:
    but I like the "sharp" dice they sell.
    4. New dice is honestly one of the features that most makes me consider playing DCC. I like that it uses "weird" dice more than I like a lot of the rest of it.

  37. Anonymous10:55 AM

    1. Zero
    2. Zero
    3. FLGS - I like to see dice in person beforehand to make sure I can actually make out the numbers on the silly things - gotta have good contrast.
    4. It doesn't help, though I'd probably just use regular dice and ignore unusable results where possible, i.e. d5 = d6 roll ignore 6, d7 =d8 roll ignore 8. Not sure about the d24 and d30, but i'm sure I could figure something out.

  38. 1 & 2: 4d3, 2d5, 0d7, 2d14, 2d16, 2d24, 2d30

    3: My local shops both carry the 12pc Gamescience sets. I also order dice online sometimes. Plus a local toy store has a bin of random dice that often has some interesting things. Got my six-sided d3s there.

    The Gamescience 12pc sets are kind of pricey, but I bought a couple simply because I like dice.

    4: Not much. I already have the dice, so it is nice to have another use for them. (Except the d7. I should get a couple of those.) If I didn't it would be an excuse to buy more dice, which is always welcome. Even without them, they're mostly easy to emulate with a standard set. I don't really see this as much of a positive or negative.

  39. 1) None.

    2) N/A

    3) I went to the three sites listed in the beta, and ended up tearing my hair out in frustration at the pricing, obtuseness of the ordering process, or both.

    4) I am a fairly poor gamer, and I was only *curious* about this game, not *interested* - it was going to be a hard sell to my gaming group. I don't see the point of plunking down a week's worth of gas money to get dice I will only use for one game - and a game that I have only casual interest in.

    As a side note - none of the people who complain about WotC's Collectible Power Cards for DnD are talking about how great these special dice are, right? Because, I find it very hard not to see them as the same thing.

  40. 1. Two!
    2. I have d16 — for Blood Bowl — and a d30, which I had
    grand ideas of using in a Labyrinth Lord game inspired by your d30 Rule, but that never happened.
    3. I get most of my dice from The Dice Shop, as I don't have a local gaming shop. On the rare occasion that they don't have the specific die type I want, I'll scour eBay. A couple of years ago, I made a special trip while on holiday in Minnesota to The Source to pick up a Gamescience d20.
    4. To be honest, yes. I really don't like the d5 and d7, as they seem clunky and ugly. However, they are only dice, so I'm probably being unreasonable; Limpey over at Aldeboran pointed out the other day that
    the standard rpg dice looked pretty weird the first time we laid eyes on them, and that's a good point well made.

    All that said, I haven't had a chance to try a whole bunch of rpgs I already like a lot, so in the case of something like Dungeon Crawl Classics — where it looks interesting but I have no real attachment — the funny dice are more of an excuse to look elsewhere than a proper deal breaker.

  41. 1) All of them
    2) I'd guess two to three sets, but I haven't counted.
    3) Gamestation is good folks
    4) I like me some odd dice. Any game that uses odd dice is more likely to get me to try it, although I'm not sure my players would ever convert.

  42. 1. 1
    2. A d30, but it's old and chipped because we used to fire out out of a catapult we made using a wooden spoon.
    3. I'd check Game Empire, my FLGS and if they didn't have 'em, I'd use good ole' Google to find 'em.
    4. Although they're not platonic, I don't see them as being more "funky" than a d4 or d20. So... no. It wouldn't.

  43. 1. 6
    2. All but the d7
    4. Discourage me? He'll, I bought them in anticipation of the DCC game!

  44. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I did own a D30 up until March, when I sold it and my copy of the D30 Adventure in a convention Charity Auction.

    The funky dice aren't, by themselves, a reason not to play the game, but they certainly do dampen my interest. I too get a 'gimmicky' feel from them -- and since I didn't really love the rest of DCC as I read it, it's just kind of icing on the "not the game for me" cake.

  45. Anonymous2:37 PM

    1. Nada, zlicho.

    2. see #1

    3. FLGS

    Before I heard anything about this game, I was already shopping around the FLGS for funny dice, especially D3 or D30 (I don't trust those wonky 5s and 7s). But they didn't have any except the D30, which turns out to be huge and expensive, both turn offs. Kinda hoping somebody makes a smaller version closer in size to the D20. I know they can, if they can make those mini D20s.

    4. I like it. It seems like a fun thing to do and fun is why I play. The wonkier the dice the better.

    I hate it when RPGs stick to D6s. Even pathfinder calls for D3 rolls and I don't recall anyone bellyaching about that.

  46. I have two d30s...someone mentioned d34s, I also have two of those. I don't recall ever using them in a game.

  47. 1. five

    2. d3, d5, d14, d16, d24

    3. I can easily get a d30 from my local game shop and I know that Gamescience makes a d7 so if I need one a quick Google probably would lead me to amazon or whatever.

    4. It depends on if they actually require a dice with that many sides or you can fudge it by using dice with a more stable number of sides. The d5 I have is nice and all but its considerably biased so I would rather just use a d10 with 1-5 being that and 6-10 being the result minus five.

  48. 1. One
    2. A single d30. I plan to get a couple more d30s at GenCon.
    3. GenCon or online. It's hard for me to get to a FLGS.
    4. Nope. I've been buying funky dice for over thirty years. Why change that now?

    Akbar word verification of the day: trapp

  49. 1. 2 maybe 3
    2. several d24, one d30 (cause of you), might have some d16's
    3. The internets
    4. Need? Whatever, proly just house rule them away. d7is just d8 rerolling 8 no big deal.

  50. 1. I'm touched by your faith in my weird dice collection! But I actually only have five of them.

    2. d5, d7, d16, d24, d30

    3. I'd probably see about ordering them through my FLGS. Failing that, I don't have a favorite online dice seller so I'd probably search and compare prices.

    4. I like funky dice (as a glance at my bag would show), but it is a major road block for me because it is for the rest of my group. I doubt they would be willing to get dice for just one game, and the workarounds are just clunky enough that I don't think they'd go over well either.

  51. 1. two
    2. several d30 and one d24
    3. online somewhere, maybe Goodman, my FLGS doesn't have them.
    4. no effect on opinion of the game

  52. 1. None and don't want to
    2. None and glad of it
    3. If a gun was to my head, I guess I'd look online somewhere or other
    4. Yes. In fact I'm surprised.

    I'd be a hundred times more interested in a D&D that used only d20 and d6 (or, even better, only d6) than one that adds yet another type of die.

  53. 1. None
    3. I would see if my FLGS could get them...but I have to say I've never seen any game store I've been in carry them. Granted, there ain't a lot of FLGS in South Jersey.
    4. The fact that DCC requires their use is a turnoff for me. It seems like another gimmick in a game full of gimmicky-seeming content.

    Can someone tell me the need for these Zocchi dice?! I feel like they're totally superfluous.

  54. 1. Two of 'em
    2. 1d16 and 5d30
    3. I'll burn that bridge when it hatches.
    4. Piques my curiousity.

  55. 1) 2-3
    2) all d30
    3) online
    4) no, no big problem in using other dice

  56. Anonymous5:49 AM

    1. nada

    2. zero

    3. umm.. cant conceive of doing do - 30 dollars for a 12 piece set of these dice is a complete dealbreaker for us.

    4. I may obtain the game from demonoid, 4chan, or emule rather than buying it; as I am very mildly curious about the game... but not nearly enough to actually spend money on it... not when it has a built in 30 dollar price increase (for the dice) bult in !!

  57. I'd be a hundred times more interested in a D&D that used only d20 and d6 (or, even better, only d6) than one that adds yet another type of die.

    If you have some spare cash, give the Dragon Age rpg a try. It's somewhat reminiscent of Red Box D&D -- although has some modern touches -- is d6 based.

  58. 1. 1;
    2. 2 x d30. I didn't know the others existed;
    3. FLGS. If no joy, then online; and
    4. After reading the beta I pre-ordered DCC. All the nerd rage over dice is highlarious.

  59. 1. None
    2. I used to have a d3, it has since disappeared
    3. GameScience
    4. I definitely think it will be a turn off of the basic rulebook doesn't come with a set of Zocchi dice. I've been considering getting a full set for a while just for fun.

  60. Of the set [d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, d24, d30] how many of these dice do you own?


    If you own any of them, which ones do you have?

    None. I never saw a use for them in play.

    If you wanted to get some or all of them, where is the first place you would look?

    Ebay or Zocchi's. My local game store doesn't carry any of them.

    Does the need for these funky dice change your opinion about trying the DCC rpg?

    It instantly turned off my excitement for the game. It made me feel like the developer gave me the finger requiring me to purchase arcane dice only made by one manufacturer.

  61. 1. None.
    2. See above
    3. ... online? I've never bought dice online, so I'd start at Google. I know none of the game shops I have access to would have them; they wouldn't have the sales to justify keeping them in stock in any numbers.
    4. Absolutely - it puts me right off. Fudge dice were annoying enough, but at least I have them now, and they can be used for multiple games. These things are useless in any other context, and TBH, the awkwardness of using a d3 rather than a d4, d7 rather than d8, etc, doesn't seem to do anything useful in mechanical terms.

  62. Anonymous5:45 AM

    just to expand on my earlier post - and as a counterpoint to the question asked here:

    1. DCC is – in the final analysis – just a D&D variant – back in the day it was basically D&D or nothing, gamers didnt have a choice about whether to get the “funky D&D dice” or not. Now there are simply
    too many alternatives that use the same dice that virtually every game already owns, making DCC pretty much a nonstarter for many people,
    2. The dice used for D&D have been pretty well standardized for over 30 years.
    3. A new set of zoccihedrons from gamescience costs 30 dollars ! – a pretty steep price that will undoubtedly present a significant barrier to newcomers to the hobby. Even supplying a substandard set with the beginners box (as B/X and BECMI D&D did) set will increase the price by at least ten dollars – probably more.
    5. Any current roleplayers probably has a standard set of polyhedral dice.. in my case I have several sets – and I am not interested in spending so much as one more dollar buying new dice – that are required to to play just ONE of the 20+ rpgs I already own.
    In short; While DCC looks great and held interest for me and my gaming group – it just isnt either revolutionary enough (as D&D was back in the day); nor quite interesting enough for any of us to want to pony up 30 dollars for dice plus the cost of the game itself…. so we will pass on this. Also -none of us have any interest in going through the etra steps to either simulate the funky dice with standard polyhedrals by rerolling or using charts either… just too cumbersome.
    Thanks goodman…. but no thanks

  63. 1. One
    2. d30
    3. It's been decades since I've needed a new type of die. I'd start with my FLGS, then check out Gamescience's options if that fails.
    4. This taints my view of what is otherwise an interesting system. It seems like a gimmicky way to sell new dice to people who already have hundreds of dice.

  64. hm.
    1) I own a d24 and a d30. I've never seen the point of owning an actual d3, since the math is so easy on a d6.
    2) The first place I'd go for 'weird' dice is
    3)Funky dice aren't really an obstacle for this old nerd.

  65. 1: None.
    2: See 1.
    3: Online I guess.
    4: Removes some interest but the ridiculous 0 level 3d6 in order bit is far FAR worse. Its also the reason "new era" gamers are utterly tearing this game apart.

  66. 1. None
    2. N/A
    3. Google
    4. They changed my interest level in DCC from "quite high" to "none"

  67. Anonymous6:14 AM

    1. 0
    2. n/a
    3. ebay hoping to score some cheap
    4. ,,, - with a single design decision goodman switched my group from: "WOW !! an awesome old school rpg that will be in distribution in FLGS and Borders/Barnes and Noble !!?? With possibly the best art and support of all the OSR games ?? COOOL l
    lets get it !


    "Meh.... game has a built in 30+ dollar price increase (if you buy a new set of dice to go with it) in order to play? Or we have to do cumbersome lookups, rerolls, or convert on the fly in our heads ?

    Gee... lets just play some more LL, S&W, or OSRIC"

  68. Anonymous4:01 AM

    None; n/a; I doubt I'd want to; I am far more likely to rip off its character creation paradigm as a way into some other system than I am to play it as written.