Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spidergoat economics

Mutant Future is rad to the max. Here's a handy visual to explain what the game is about.



The one place where the game falls down a bit is the starting equipment section. It's basically the exact same crap you can buy in any old edition of D&D. To run an MF campaign I'd definitely need to jazz it up a bit with stop sign shields and blackpowder weapons and miscellaneous debris.

The Food Vendors price list is an excellent example of how the rest of the equipment section should have looked. "Mystery meat kabob" and "rat on a stick" are listed as standard lunch fare. You can also get various mutant foods. Five gold pieces buys you a "spidergoat haunch".

Spidergoats are quickly becoming the Mutant Future mascot. They're featured prominently on the cover as foes of the PCs and they appear in a couple other places in the rulebook. Everyone online who has looked at this game seems to love to hate them. I know I do.

That five gp per haunch got me a thinking today. Spidergoats have eight legs. That's eight haunches, right? 40gp a goat, retail. So could a Mutant Future PC turn in dead spidergoats to frycooks for maybe 20gp a piece? Seems reasonable to me. Of course, knowing how PCs operate some carcasses will be more intact than others. Maybe a die throw of d4+4 for legs intact, and then sell the dead spidergoat for number legs times 2.5?

I really can't help myself. I think about things like this all the time.


  1. Yes, the equipment section leaves something to be desired...

    K-Slacker of Barrier Peaks RPG has come up with some nice new post-apocalyptic armours and blackpowder weapons.

    As for stop-sign shields and spiked baseball bat clubs, well that's just flavour isn't it?

    One of the bosses my PCs are about to meet has a suit of Scale Mail built out of coins.

  2. Actually, I do a stopsign shield as a superior piece of equipment. Due to the reflective materials it would give an extra +1 AC vs laser attacks.

    And a spiked baseball bat might be just flavor, but I'd much rather see that on a post-apoc equipment chart as opposed to a morningstar.

  3. Anonymous11:37 PM

    You'd never think that the phrase
    "Spidergoat economics" could apply
    to the real world, but you'd be

    Charlotte's Goat

  4. Hmmm... maybe someone needs to come up with a small PA equipment file for Mutant Future. Complete with cost, weight, Tech Level avaiability and neat extra effects like the +1 vs. Laser thing.

  5. Not so fast. That spidergoat meat is really tough. You need to slow-cook the crap out of it, so it takes quite a lot of fuel to really do it properly, especially if you're in a larger outpost where the citizens may demands some quality in their spidermeat. So you have to factor in the cost of fuel and time to the final cost, which cuts down the profit a lot. Plus, getting those thick bristly hairs off is tough.

    I love to smear them down with butter and pepper, a lot of pepper, at the final cooking stage.

  6. Mesmerator Kreg sent me the link to this amazing system. Man, gotta use it! I'll tell you one thing for sure: the spidergoat is popping up in our EC adventure along with several Boot Hill and Metamorphosis Alpha things I've borrowed...SPIDER GOAT! The COOLEST band name I can think of...!

  7. You know what would rock, hard, right in my freaking FACE? If I could get the goddamn copy I ordered, like, 3 weeks ago or more.

  8. Something weird is going on. I ordered my hardcopy on 6/23 and had it about a week later.