Monday, July 21, 2008

The Gospel of Saint Zalazar

I happened to have the good luck to marry into a family of gamers. My wife isn't a gamer, though she's played a couple of games of Illuminati over the years and she's currently obsessing over the GameBoy version of Lego Star Wars. My brother-in-law Jim and his sons play boardgames and wargames. Sister-in-law Anne will plays some games from time to time.

But this post comes courtesy of Anne's husband Rod. He's a D&D man going back to the Basic days. He played in my 3E campaign and the 1st edition campaign I ran immediately afterwards. Back in the Navy he played D&D, Traveller, Champions, and Gamma World. His game group got a lot of playing done because there wasn't much else to do on a ship all day.

Now here's the cool part: In most of those games Rod played the same character. When his group switched games they all converted/translated characters. Rod's played other characters over the years, but Zalazar, his primary PC, has adventured under Basic D&D, 1st edition AD&D, 2nd edition AD&D, and all those other games I named above. Behold, the Purple Grimoire of Zalazar!

A metal bound tome, with each page encased in plastic and back by black construction paper, this dread volume tells the tale of a world-hopping 32nd level magic-user and the artifact sword known as Niffelheim. Click on a page and bask in the unbridled awesomeness.


  1. Is that a dot matrix printed character sheet with the artifact description done by typewriter?

    Having a particular PC for that long is definitely playing the character for keeps.

  2. Calling it a "Purple Grimoire" brings back very fond memories of my own "Green Grimoire," a similar piece of office-supply arcana from my youth (which later supplied the name of a local-RPG-newsletter column I wrote for a while, which was even later immortalized via the "Green Grimoire" entry in GURPS Warehouse 23).

    But the whole time, it was a flimsy little folding-tab binder thingy. >happy sigh<

    Hm. The guy who published that newsletter (back in Virginia) now also lives in Denver. I wonder if he has any old copies lying around ...?

  3. Very cool! 32nd level is amazing! That Niffelheim is badass.

  4. This is one of the coolest pieces of gaming relics that I've ever seen. Incredible story!