Sunday, July 13, 2008

Et tu, five links?

Eldritch Weirdness

Create A Graph

The Death of Gallium

Custom Random Number Generator

The Multinauts


  1. Anonymous3:48 AM

    q1: Did these five links let you down somehow?

    q2: Are the Multinauts a aprank, or where can I see Episode 1?

  2. The Multinauts are from the same people that did Dungeon Majesty and the "World of Adventure" D&D video. They are awesome, so this will be awesome. :)

  3. a1: It took a while to find the fifth link! Which is actually the first link after some rearrangement.

    a2: The moment I find an episode for sale or on youtubes or whatever, I will notify the entire internet. In the meantime, I plan on blogging about the magazine available in the giftshop as soon as my copy gets here.

  4. I have the magazine they did for Dungeon Majesty. It is awesome in it's DIYness. They have an interview with Gary Gygax in it, plus all sorts of weird/cool "behind-the-scenes" photos. You'll love it. :)