Wednesday, July 16, 2008

one more pic

While looking around for yesterday's Willingham pics I found a black & white example of Roslof's wicked awesome kobolds.

We hates the Bagins!These guys are the more-than-half-starved remains of a kobold tribe pushed out of their territory by the Slavers. They subsist on raw fish as they've lost both the ability to make fire and access to their traditional hunting grounds. All kobolds are puny by design, but compare this duo to the healthy specimen from the Monster cards. I think those blotches suggest some sort of untreated disease, or perhaps they've lost scales in those places due to malnourishment.


  1. Attention to detail is always good. What I like about this pic is that it sets the scene perfectly for the GM to say: "You stumble upon two startled Kobolds. They look at you [show pic]."

    "What do you do?"

  2. Those Kobolds got some serious Gollum action going.