Tuesday, December 05, 2006

six small items

  • I can't make up my mind whether I'm delighted or disappointed that someone is already using None More Black as a band name. "It's like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black." is my favorite Spinal Tap line and I was sorta saving None More Black for my Tap cover band. Not that I have a band. Or any musical talent.
  • My local library has some metal in the CD collection! I am rocking out to Black Sabbath's Paranoid even as I type this. Last week it was Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden. Wicked. Thanks again to everyone who offered advice in my ongoing quest to be more metal.
  • Holy crap, this WoAdWriMo thing has gotten big very fast. It's freaking me out more than just a little.
  • Before e-mail our ultra-ridiculous crap advertising wasn't junk mail, it was the tiny little ads in comic books. Dig this winner from issue 6 of John Carter Warlord of Mars (November 1977):

    How blatant can you be?
    Can you believe the sheer audacity of this guy? He doesn't even tell you what the collectible is! He might as well have took out an ad saying "Hey, stupid kids! Send me a quarter!"
  • I've got this nagging idea for a superhero setting but I've more than half-convinced myself that I absolutely suck at supers games. I just don't feel the same level of mastery over supers gaming that I do when it comes to dungeon crawls. At least part of my problem is that I'm licking my wounds from my last supers attempt, but the reason the last game floundered was mostly my own lack of abilities.
  • Legends of Wrestling II for the X-box may be bit of a crap game, but until recently I have gotten a ton of fun out of it. Right now I'm stuck in career mode where I have to win a 15-man Battle Royal to get a title shot against Ted "The Million Dollar Man" Dibiase. This battle royal is kicking my ass. More specifically Harley Race and Bob Backlund are kicking my ass. I've played this fight more than twenty times now and I can't get past being sixth or seventh man thrown out. Did I mention I regularly whomp Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant in this game, but legitimate hardass Harley Race schools me every time? That's six shades of awesome. Still, after last night's eighth straight loss of this same event I had to pour myself a drink. A stupid video game shouldn't be so frustrating.