Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Ninja Saying

Ours is the tradition of service
to those in need,
Strength to those in distress, and
protection for the meek.
We use the art of Ninjitsu and the
"Gift of Chi"
To aid us in our fight.
We are the silent blade of the wheel,
In march with the forces of the universe.
"Life and Death,"
We are the Ninja.
Invisible Warriors of the night.

This guy will be the character pic for Obi-Wan Shinobi in my next Encounter Critical game.

Text and illo from Raven c.s. McCracken's magnum opus World of Synnibarr. Don't let the haters fool you about that game. The setting may be unsophisticated and the mechanics clunky, but a game that fits ten pounds of awesome in a twenty pound bag still contains ten pounds of awesome. If you can get Synnibarr cheap, pick that baby up. At least if you appreciate gonzo gaming in the tradition of Arduin and Gamma World and Rifts.

I seriously need to give my nephew the ninja a framed copy of the Ninja Saying.

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  1. Raven's got a new book coming out, this time a sci fi/fantasy novel. Check out his website for more info: