Sunday, December 31, 2006

my pipes

Here's the pipe I smoke the most. It's by a company called Venturi and is called simple 'The Pipe'. They also had a similar line called 'The Smoke'. These babies are made of a substance called 'pyrolytic graphite', which to my knowledge no other pipe maker uses. This stuff makes the pipe very low maintenance, which nicely fits my rough and tumble treatment of my regular smoker.

Next are two pics of my newest pipe, from Velani. As I understand it the rough work on the bowl is normally the sign of inferior briar, but I really like the effect.

This Charatan is too big for me to get much use out of nowadays. The bowl holds a huge amount of pipeweed and I just don't have time for that long of a smoke.

This churchwarden by V. Minarelli needs some clean-up work. The stem has some brownish-yellow crud and the shank is looking dull compared to the finish on the bowl.

Finally, a group shot for size comparison.