Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Four

I'm home with a sick daughter this week. It's the chicken pops and my wife hasn't had them so we can't switch off staying home like we usually do. I have no idea when you nice people will hear from me again. But I wanted to post this real quick.

Four beings were present at the death of my old campaugn universe and the birth of the next one. Thus my personal version of the world of Eberron is the new home to four divine beings who stomp around in Kirbyesque Galactus armor. They are the pantheon known simply as The Four.

Angus, called the Valiant One; CG; domains Orc, Strength, War, Courage

Darwane, called the Eternal Dragon*; CG; domains Dragon, Spell, Renewal, Fire

Gregor, called the Fist of Justice; LG; domains Law, Luck, Strength, Passion

Eberk, called the Fate-Forger; CG; domains Dwarf, Chaos, Weather, Fate

*First person to give me a link to a pic of a dragon wearing Galactus style armor wins my undying admiration.


  1. I can see law being administered by a LG deity. but shouldnt Luck be the domain of a chaotic deity?

  2. Gregor was a strange character. He was the chief paladin of the Heterodox Order of Kord, a lawful good splinter group that followed Kord, a chaotic good deity.

  3. Gregor was a strange character for more reasons than simply that.

    Perhaps his creed is that Luck is a form of divine favor that is bestowed upon the honorable and the disciplined.

  4. Anonymous10:57 AM

    'chicken pops'? Do you mean chicken pox?

  5. El Hombre: Yes. "Pops" is what my daughter calls it.

  6. Anonymous10:09 PM


    Thanks. I was worried that there might be a new disease out there that I would have to worry about my kids catching.