Thursday, December 21, 2006

The eyes! The eyes!

Last night's World of Alidor session focused entirely on our frantic escape down the blizzardy mountain controlled by the evil wizard Pagdush Firethrower. The forces harrying us consisted of even more Psionic Metrosexual Orcs, one of which used some sort of acid buff on his guisarme to melt my face off, and the Champion of Ten Thousand Eyes, Pagdush's own personal Mouth of Sauron. Picture a Worm That Walks, but made out of eyeballs instead of worms and you get the basics of the dude. Holy crap, that guy was freaking me out. And he brought with him some sort of Eyeball Elemental or something. The GM described it as a tornado made out of eyeballs. When we dropped the Champion it went away, but man was it giving me the jibblies as it slowly shlorped across the battlefield towards us. I was totally prepared to run screaming into the blizzard if it didn't go away when its master was killed.

In other words, another totally awesome session.

Postscript: Jon, our DM, presented us with a visual aid depicting one of the smaller City Tortoises that roam Alidor:

On top of the shell (and conveniently out of the picture) is a thorp of about 30 people. One of my ongoing campaign goals is to find the lost tortoise city that was home to thousands of people and a bardic college until it was hijacked by those same damn orcs. My pet theory is that the lore contained in that college is what allowed the Psionic Metrosexual Orcs to become both civilized and psi-potent.


  1. Love the wandering city idea. my gm-fu is running amuck with hooks, and seeds, and all sorts of concepts.

    Wife wanted to know what happens if the turtle goes underwater.She just doesnt get it.

  2. Once a city tortoise was lured into the sea. The inhabitants drew it there in an attempt to reach an island. For most of the journey everything was okay, as the head and back of the beast was above the water. But then it stepped into a deepsea trench. The turtle and most of the city dwellers drowned.

    Eventually the dismembered head of the thing washed up on the shore of the island, with a few people clinging to it. The city of Port Headland was founded on that spot.